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President's Newsletter: May 23, 2012

The Governor recently released his revised 2012-13 state budget proposal. The May Revise of the budget reduces spending across the board for state supported agencies and programs. The proposed budget provides stability for education, subject to voter approval of the governor’s November ballot initiative to enact temporary tax increases. In January the state budget deficit was anticipated to be $9.2 billion; now it is projected to be $15.7 billion. To close the 2012-13 budget deficit gap, the Governor proposes $8.3 billion in cuts, $5.6 billion in new temporary tax revenues and $2.8 billion "savings" by postponing state debt repayments and cash maneuvers.

The governor’s May Revise includes two budget scenarios for K-12 and community colleges. Scenario A would provide $313 million to community colleges in the form of a "deferral buy-back" if the governor’s November tax initiative passes. The deferral buy-back provides funds to community colleges that have been delayed due to ongoing state budget deficits.

For Scenario B, if the governor’s November tax initiative fails, community colleges receive no deferral buy-back ($313 million); and in addition, community colleges will receive a trigger cut of $5.5 billion to be implemented in January 2013. In this scenario, El Camino College’s share of the trigger cut would be about $5.2 million with an additional decrease in FTES of 1,136.

Planning for the ECC 2012-13 budget is further complicated by unknowns beyond the uncertainty of the governor’s November tax initiative. What impact the redevelopment agency (RDA) take backs may have on community colleges is still not known – ECC could have an additional $2.5 million to $ 5 million reduction from RDA changes.

The governor’s May Revise of the budget now goes to the legislature for their input and consideration. The constitutional deadline to pass the 2012-13 state budget is June 15, 2012.

El Camino Community College District Spring Budget Forum
April 5, 2012 (PDF)

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