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"At the Forum, I asked about how the College is linking planning for our educational programs with budgetary decisions. I know this was a hard question to answer on the spot. Now, with time to respond more specifically, I would like to hear Dr. Fallo's and the VPs' thoughts on this." -- E. Rader, April 18, 2012


All educational program and unit plans are directly linked each year to budgetary decisions. Actual funding of academic plans for the last two years was relatively significant considering the reduced funding from the State.
2010/2011 – $5.2M
2011/2012 - $3.0M

The numbers are even higher when considering all funded plans for those years.
2010/2011 – $8.6M
2011/2012 - $4.0M


"I think El Camino College is doing well during these tough times. I know all students will succeed during these tough times." – M. McKay, April 7, 2012


Last Published 12/21/16