Financial Aid Office Survey

We would like your opinion about the quality of the student services we provide. Your responses will remain confidential and will not affect your standing at the Center. Please rate the following services based on your experiences with the Financial Aid Office. If you have not yet had the opportunity to use some of the services, please indicate "NA" when you come to that part of the survey. We will use your feedback in our ongoing efforts to improve our services to students.

Please mark ONLY one response for each question.
1. Hours of operation
2. Office facilities [appearance- comfort]
3. Time of response to your request[s]
4. Procedures clear and easy to follow
5. Quality of materials received
6. Knowledge & Helpfulness of Financial Aid Lab Staff
7. Knowledge & Helpfulness of Financial Aid Advisors
8. Confidentiality of private information maintained
9. Overall quality of service

Please indicate the extent to which you agree with thses statements about the Financial Aid Office:
Strongly Agree
Strongly Disagree
Not Applicable
10. When talking to a Financial Aid staff at the Compton Center, I feel I have enough privacy to discuss my concerns.
11. I would be very likely to use the Financial Aid Office Services in the evening hours (after 5:00 pm).
12. If available, I would be very likely to use the Online Financial Aid Office services.

13. How often do you check your e-mail?