Membership of

Council of Deans

Co-Chair :

Name Appointing
Alice Grisgby     Administrator  
Ann Garten     Adminstrator  
Arturo Hernandez     Administrator  
Barbara Perez     Administrator - CEC  
Bill Mulrooney     Administrator  
Bob Klier     Administrator  
Chelvi Subramaniam     Administrator - CEC  
Chris Jeffries     Faculty  
Claudia Striepe     Faculty  
Connie Fitzsimons     Administrator  
Daniel Shrader     Administrator  
Diane Hayden     Administrator  
Dipte Patel     Director  
Elise Geraghty     Administrator  
Gloria Miranda     Administrator  
Irene Graff     Administrator  
Jacquelyn Sims     Administrator  
Jean Shankweiler     Administrator  
Jose Anaya     Administrator  
Octavia Hyacinth     Director  
Regina Smith     Administrator  
Richette Bell     Administrator - CEC  
Rodney Murray     Administrator - CEC  
Rory Natividad     Administrator  
Stephanie Rodriguez     Administrator  
Tammy Pao     Administrator  
Tom Lew     Administrator  
Virginia Rapp     Administrator  
Wanda Morris     Administrator - CEC  
William Garcia     Administrator