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El Camino College Art Gallery is proud to present Earth and Sky, a retrospective survey of painting, drawing and digital work by Carson Gladson.  This exhibition was organized in tandem with a solo exhibit of his work, titled, Carson Gladson, Musical Landscape Improvisations, June-July, 2011, at Chapman University in Orange, California.

Internationally exhibited and renowned for his impressionistic pastel portrayals of nature, Carson Gladson's work appears in the permanent collections of the Oakland Museum, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and the Long Beach Museum of Art as well as in many public and private collections.  Among these are Neiman Marcus, AT&T, Toyota, Price Waterhouse, Warner Brothers, Architectural Firm of Welton Becket, and the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in addition to brightening the atmosphere in U.S. hospitals from coast to coast.

Gladson's pastels (1980-90s) are gentle depictions of nature, focusing on pastoral scenes of the landscape of California where his prodigious drawing skills are prominent. Throughout most of his adult life, Carson has played the piano, composed music, and worked furiously on these demanding, large-scale landscape drawings.  In the mid 1990s, following serious health complications that involved his tremendous and extended use of his hands and arms in making art and music, Gladson changed gears.  He adapted his skills to the contemporary art scene and experimented with combining his love of landscape, photography and the human figure. This resulted in a lyrical suite of digital prints.

Additionally he began a series of intense acrylic abstractions based upon his reaction to the powerful landscape of the Southwest.  These, often brilliantly colored paintings, concentrate on the horizon, exploring the meeting of earth and sky.

Gladson taught painting and drawing at El Camino College for nearly 40 years, where he instructed and inspired generations of students in their pursuit of artistic development. We are grateful to Carson Gladson for his wonderful work, both as an artist and as a teacher. He now resides in Banning, California where he photographs, paints and draws, surrounded by the San Bernardino Mountains.

Curator El Camino College Art Gallery

Sunset on the Horizon;
acrylic on canvas; 50 x 60
Riibbons in Sunset Breeze;
acrylic on canvas;
72 x 24 (3)
Falling Leaf; acrylic on canvas; 24 x 72
Pebbled Stream, pastel on paper; 60 x 40
View through the Trees, Iris print of pastel original; 32 x 46

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Last Published 12/21/16