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The annual Fine Arts Faculty Exhibition includes a variety of works of
art in a wide range of media. The exhibit provides a look at the aesthetic and educational philosophies advocated by El Camino College Art Department and demonstrates an array of concepts and techniques currently characteristic of the art world.

The majority of works in the gallery are grounded in an academic
approach to art study and training. Represented in the exhibition are
traditional oil or acrylic paintings on canvas, paper, or panel, by Craig
Antrim, Beverly Bledsoe, Linda Busch, Camille Cornelius, Lee Kim, Jack King, Lawrence Klepper, Rosalyn Mesquita, Harrison Storms, and Randall von Bloomberg and watercolor painting by Rodman de la Cruz. Varied approaches to drawing in the exhibit include an intriguing process-installation of pencil on Post-it sketches by Peggy Marsh-Ames, monumental pastel landscapes by Carson Gladson, and gouache and ink drawings by Mark Robert Lewis.

The computer arts area of the department is well represented by intriguing ink jet images by Joyce Dallal and Robin Valle. Additionally, Jim Dowdalls shows complex Photoshop illustrations with acrylic, Mark Robert Lewis presents stunning video abstractions and Mary Hackett-Konicek presents vigorous digital abstractions. Besides the familiar technique of black and white photographic printing represented in beautiful images by Robert Dalton, Susan Einstein and Darilyn Rowan, the exhibition includes other methods of photographic printing such as ink jet prints by Susanna Meiers and saturated color prints by Sandra Trepasso.

The exhibition also includes a cross-section of 3-dimensional techniques taught in the department - sumptuous jewelry fabrications of Tina Chambers-Riggs and Irene Mori, handsome mixed media construction by Russell McMillin, and enigmatic quilts, hats, and psychological furniture pieces by Michael Lewis Miller. Terry O'Donnell and Susanna Meiers produce playful headgear from found objects while Norm Looney pokes fun at politics with his mini-installation of contemporary toys. The refined earthen sculptures of Susan Elizalde-Holler and the rough-hewn beauty of Neil Moss' cups, plates, and vases comprise two very different approaches to clay. James Russell's elegant stainless steel abstractions, originally models for much larger public works of art, demonstrate not only the diverse possibilities of the world of art, but the diversity of the Art Department Faculty at El Camino College.

Thank You,
Susanna Meiers
Director, El Camino College Art Gallery

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Last Published 12/21/16