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Expanding and contracting, moving at one moment towards death at the next towards growth and rebirth, the spiral has been a primary symbol of man since Paleolithic times. Echoes of ancient civilizations resound in the small yet intense sculptures of Luis Bermudez. These works at times bear resemblance to PreColumbian architecture and sarcophagi. At other moments the tea vessels of Japan emerge.
In his spiral, Vortex (C-26) one can recognize the sacrificial font of Mayan culture in which humans were put to death to appease voracious gods. The blackened El Caracol, inspired by the observatory of Mayan ruin, Chichen Itza, perhaps stands as evidence at collective or genetic memory. Triple Cups, comprised of fistfuls of twisted clay bouncing on wire springs, humorously underlines Bermudez’ concern with material as container for spirit.

Simultaneously silent and eloquent, Joyce Kohl’s sculptures made from adobe and recycled steel, speak volumes about the foibles of a disposable society. Often utilizing cast off machine parts from farm and industry, her works act as metaphor for unknown repercussions of human action. Market Fluctuation is an interactive piece, in which the viewer's hand begins the movement of a steel ball rolling noisily and erratically to and fro across a pair of massive metal rockers. Influence of Kohl’s travel to such destinations as Peru, Zimbabwe, Madagascar and South Africa is evident in her allusions to primitive architecture and ageless/timeless forms.

The intricate black wire sculptures of Saigon- born Hoang Vu are full of grace and yearning for a place long ago and far away. Having fled from Vietnam in 1978, Vu says "I am making shapes that I haven’t seen before but somehow remind me of plants or fruits that come from Asia and may relate to my childhood. It may be a way to get back to Vietnam." Suspended in Vu's cosmos of lace and shade are constellations of life on the cellular level, vital organs, plants and philosophical abstractions. These mysterious forms dangling in their dewy webs of shadows lead the viewer on and on into the next dimension.

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Luis Bermudez
Joyce Kohl
  We regret that images of the artwork from
Hoang Vu are not available at this time.
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 Last Updated On: 1/13/06