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Exhibition Date: March 13-April 7, 2000
Kinetic Works By: Angie Bray, Dave Quick,
Stephen Shackelford and Diane Suzuki
Opening Reception: Thursday, March 16, 7-9pm
Artists' Lecture: Thursday, March 23, 12:30pm in Art Room 103

Photo: Diane Suzuki "In A Garden" Detail of ambient machine, 1996
Kinetic art shudders, jerks, flutters, spits, spurts, clinks, gyrates and climbs. It pierces the stillnes of point, line and plane by incorporating movement and real time into sculpture. By doing so it radically challenges the established order of art which traditionally separates art (man's soul work) from machine.

However, kinetic art is not entirely new. Artists have long commented on the slow meld of man and machine which began with the Industrial Age. The Dadaists and Surrealists used mechanical processes to warn against the alienating influence of industrialization. "Bicycle Wheel" (1913) by Marcel Duchamp is regarded by some as the first kinetic sculpture. As the century progressed, the look of this new movement was expanded by such artists as Alexander Calder whose massive wind-driven mobiles have a childlike and playful quality. In the 1960's Jean Tinguely challenged the concept of machine with the performance of his self-destructing work, "Homage to New York". In contrast to the Dadaists, Tinguely humanized the machine, affording it the opportunity to die. This performance piece helped to redefine machine by allowing it to be symbolically linked to human morality.

El Camino College Art Gallery is pleased to present WIBBLE-WABBLE, an exhibition of diverse and inventive works by four Southern California artists. The artists in this exhibition use an imaginative array of objects and approaches to sculpture through which they evoke moods of meditative calm, whimsy, humor and poignance. They broaden the definition of kinetic art through original combinations of movement and materials.

�Susanna Meiers, Art Gallery Curator

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