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For Fine Arts Performance Facilities:

(Time and a half will be charged after 8 hours).

Personnel Rates (Effective January 2009)
Ticket Office
Pay Rate/Hr
Ticket Office Manager
Ticket Clerk
Front of House
Event Specialist
House Manager
Assistant House Manager
Stage Manager
Theatre Technician
 Theatre Assistant



Fine Arts Facility Stage Crew Work Rules:

  • Four (4) hour minimum labor call.
  • There must be a meal break of one (1) hour after each five (5) hour work period. If the set up can be completed in six (6) hours, the meal break can be suspended. There will be a fifteen (15) minute break within each four (4) hour period.
  • Stage crews will work at straight time for the first eight (8) hours, time and one-half after (8) hours and double-time after 12 hours.
  • Any work done after 12:00 am (midnight) or before 8:00 am will be charged at the time and one-half rate.

Other Provisions:

  • Renter shall not arrive before the time authorized and will clear the stage of all equipment and scenery, returning all equipment to its proper place before leaving the building at the close of the event. The District will not be responsible for any equipment or scenery left following the performance.
  • all performers will be allowed entrance only through designated or posted performer's entrance. No guests will be allowed backstage before the end of the performance without permission of the Theatre Production Manager (or designee). All guests who go back stage after the show will have to enter from designated doors and not through the main curtain.
 Last Published 6/14/10