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Introduction to General Chemistry

Chem 60

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Class Information

Lecture:  5:15 pm - 6:40 pm   MW   SCI 111  (all sections)

Lab:        2:50 pm - 4:55 pm   MW   SCI 301  (section 3181)

               2:50 pm - 4:55 pm   MW   SCI 305  (section 0146)

               6:55 pm - 9:00 pm   MW   SCI 305  (section 3185)   

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Click on the section number for a copy of the syllabus: 0146, 3181, 3185.

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Click on the section number for a copy of the lecture and lab schedule: 0146, 3181, 3185.

Click here for the revised schedule for weeks 12 through 15 and the time of the final exam. 

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Laboratory Materials             

Click here to printout the pages from the Laboratory Manual.

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Course Materials


Names and Symbols of Elements to Memorize (handout)     

Classification of Matter (laminated class handout)

Periodic Table, Metal Activity Series, Solubility Rules for Ionic Compounds ("green class handout")   

Table of Isotopes ("blue class handout" in color and black-and-white)

Synthetic and Radioactive Elements (handout)    

Densities of Some Common Materials ("yellow class handout")

Electricity Basics (worksheets) 

Exponents (review from "Arithmetic and Algebra Again" by B. Immergut and J.B. Smith)

Proportions (review from "Arithmetic and Algebra Again" by B. Immergut and J.B. Smith)

Graphing (review from "Arithmetic and Algebra Again" by B. Immergut and J.B. Smith)  

Rules for Writing Ionic Equations "Split or Not to Split?" (handout)

Nomenclature of Inorganic Compounds (handout)



Measurements (worksheets  and answer keys)

Density Problems (worksheets and answer key) 

Temperature (worksheet and answer key)

Atoms, Isotopes, Elements (worksheets and answer key)  

Hydrates Problems (worksheet and answer key)

Empirical and Molecular Formulas (worksheet and answer key)


Nomenclature of Inorganic Compounds (worksheets and answer key)

Classification of Matter (worksheet and answer key) 

Physical vs. Chemical Change or Property (worksheet and answer key)

Mole and Chemical Equations (worksheets and answer key)

Word Equations (worksheets and answer key)

Ionic Equations (worksheet and answer key)

Understanding Lewis Structures (worksheet and answer key)

Writing Lewis Structures (worksheet and answer key)

Lewis Structures, Shapes, and Polarities (worksheets and answer key)

Molarity Problem Set (worksheet and answer key) 

PbI2 Molarity Problem (worksheet and answer key)

Intermolecular Forces (worksheets)

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Exams and Quizzes

Quiz 1 - Blank Copy and Answer Key

Quiz 2 - Blank Copy and Answer Key

Quiz 3 - Blank Copy and Answer Key

Quiz 4 - Blank Copy and Answer Key

Quiz 5 - Blank Copy and Answer Key


Exam 1 - Information and Study Tips

Exam 2 - Information and Study Tips 

Exam 1 - Open-End Questions and Problems (Blank Copy and Answer Key)

Exam 2 - Open-End Questions and Problems (Blank Copy and Answer Key)

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Online Resources

         Merriam-Webster Dictionary

  IUPAC Compendium of Chemical Terminology        



Scientific Calculator for Chemists    

         Weblements Periodic Table 

         NIST Periodic Table

Periodic Table of Videos

         Atomic and Molecular Orbitals

Molecular Structures and Properties

Crystal Structures     

Cubic Unit Cells Video    

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