Will you ever need a letter of recommendation from me? You may one day apply for a job, internship, research position, transfer school or other program that asks for a professorís letter. I would be happy to write your letter, so donít hesitate to ask! But please donít ask me at the last minute!


What I Need From You



I will print the letter on ECC letterhead, send it in a sealed ECC envelope, and ECC pays the postage. If you wish, Iíll also give you a copy.


General Advice


I have general advice for all your classes: make an impression. A tutoring program asked me about a former student. That student never asked a question or said a word to me. Other than her grades and attendance, I had no information about her. The tutoring program wanted to know if she was a leader in class, if she helped other students, and if she asked any questions during lecture that showed interest and talent. I couldnít answer Ďyesí to any of those questions. I mentioned what I knew: that she seemed very nice, and that she had good attendance and received an A. She was not accepted into the program.


Another time, I had a B student who asked questions in class and chatted about her future. When she asked me for a recommendation, I had a lot of information for a personalized letter. I wrote about her goals and her determination. She made an impression on me, and I put all that in her letter. If youíre too shy to interact, you will still get a decent letter of recommendation. But the best letters go to the people who positively impress the instructor in some way.


Make it Great


You should ask a college instructor or the writing center for advice on your essays. Professors probably have a better idea about how essays should sound than your friends or relatives. One former student, who had fantastic grades, asked me to look at his essays. He was deeply religious, and he mentioned religion in every sentence! Iím so glad he didnít send the essays out before someone took a look at themóhe could have alienated the entrance committee and lost his chance for admission.


Another student actually called a school that rejected him. When he asked why he was rejected, the admissions person mentioned three things that were missing from his main essay. This student actually had all of those things in the essay, but it was so rambling and poorly written that the committee gave up trying to find the desired information. That student told me that many friends and family members had already edited the essay before he sent it in.


So let me know when you need a letter. I hope I can help you succeed!


Good luck!,

Amy Grant