Welcome to the O-Chem Lab!

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Centrifuge Distillation Complex Distillation GC Glassware Heating Mantle IR IR Salt Plates MelTemp Sep Funnel

The ECC Virtual O-Chem Lab supplements your lab handout and text.  Refer to this site before working with unfamiliar equipment or techniques. Check it frequently before completing prelabs or lab write-ups.

For the first few weeks of the semester, many students come up and say, "Everyone but me knows what to do in lab!" It's common to be overwhelmed at first, but you'll soon feel comfortable and confident. The organic lab is very different than any other lab you've attended. And here's a little secret: The few students who seem to whiz through as if they've done the labs before probably dropped the class and are taking it for the second time.

The best thing you can do is to come armed with information. The earlier you do your readings and prelabs, the more time you have to ask for help. The worst thing you can do is to prepare at the last minute. And always ask your fellow students and your instructor if you're unsure about something.

Good luck,

Amy Grant