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Alice Martinez, Associate Professor of Mathematics

Ocean in HA 

Fall 2018:













































Contact Info:

Email: ammartinez@elcamino.edu

 Office Phone: 310-660-3593 x5217

Office location:  MBA 321 

Fall Office Hours





Fall Courses:




9:40-10:10am, 12:40-1:40pm  Monday, Wednesday 

10:15-11:45am Tuesday, Thursday

in MBA 321 or by appointment.

You can also contact the instructor with questions via email or phone.  I suggest taking a picture of the problem and sending it with the email.


Math 150  - 0741 - MW 7:30-9:35am - MBA 319

Math 150 - 0745 - TTh  8-10:05 am - MBA 319

Math 150 - 0754 - MW 10:30-12:35am - MBA 213



  • Fall Semester weekday classes start on Aug 27th
  • Last day to add/drop classes: Sept 7.
  • Last day to apply for fall degrees: 10/18
  • Last day to drop with a W: Nov 16
  • Holidays:  9/3 (M), 9/12(M), 11/22-25 (Th-Sun)
  • Semester ends 12/14 (F)
Student Resources: Your success is the number one priority at El Camino College. College resources to help you succeed include computer labs, tutoring centers, health services, and services for designated groups, such as veterans and students with disabilities. For a comprehensive list of Academic Resources and Support Programs, visit: http://www.elcamino.edu/administration/vpas/aims/aims_docs/ARSP.pdf


Student Success Act: New state regulations may affect your eligibility for financial aid, your registration priority, and your ability to repeat classes.  For more information, visit: http://www.elcamino.edu/administration/vpas/aims/aims_docs/S3PF15.pdf.  After completing 15 units or prior to the end of the third semester, all students must declare a major and complete a comprehensive educational plan. Schedule an appointment to see a counselor for an up-to-date educational plan by visiting: https://www.elcamino.edu/studentservices/co/appointments.asp.


Title IX Employee Reporting Obligations:

You should know that if you reveal gender-based or sexual harassment, sexual assault, stalking or intimate partner violence to any instructor, we are required by law to report the problem to the Office of Staff and Student Diversity. However, psychologists are not required to report to the Office of Staff and Student Diversity. You can call the Student Health Center at 310.660.3643 or visit their website: http://www.elcamino.edu/studentservices/health.


Math 37 Resources:

mymathlab      syllabus    Tentative Schedules:  AB only,  ABC

Mock Exam 1   Mock Exam 2  Mock Exam 3  

Mock E1 - Solutions   Mock E2 - Solutions  Mock E3 - Solutions 

Mock Exam 4  Mock Exam 5   Mock Exam 6

Mock E4 - Solutions  Mock E5 Solutions   Mock E6 Solutions

Mock Exam 7     Mock Exam 8      Mock Exam 9




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