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Intermediate Algebra
Professor Alice Martinez 








Class Information:   Room: MBA 319

  Section: 0390 Time:  TTh  7:00am-9:30am  Schedule/HW guidelines    Syllabus 





Grades are based on a points: (See syllabus for more details)

Homework = 20 points each       Quizzes = 20 points each

Class Activities = 30 points        Exams = 400 points each x 3

Final Exam = 500 points 

 Tentative Schedule



13         Introduction, 1.1 What do you recall?

            1.2, 9.4  Fun with Graphs

15         **Bring calculators to class!!

            1.3 What’s your Slope? Bring

            1.4 What does it Mean?


20         1.5 What’s in a Line? HW 1

22         1.6 Functions         Calculator & CH 1 Quiz

            2.1 Can you Model?     

23          Last day to add / drop without “w” and be eligible for a refund


27         2.1/2.2 What equation?  HW 2

            2.3 What’s your prediction?


1          2.3/2.4 Changing so soon?

            Ch 2 Quiz, 2.4 continued


6          Ch 1 & 2 Review HW 3

            3.1/3.2 Whose line is it anyways?

8          EXAM 1 (1.1 -2.4), CA 1 Due


13         3.3/3.4 Can Woman run as fast as man?

15         Ch 3 Review;  Ch 3 Quiz;

            4.1 What’s in an Exponent?


20         6.1 Add this!;  HW 4

            6.2  Multiplying is better!

22         Box it up! Box it down. (6.4-6.6)


27         6.7 Undo it to solve it. HW 5

29         Ch 6 Quiz

            7.1/7.2 Why is my graph not straight?



3          Review - HW 6

            7.2 & 7.3  Are your roots showing?

5          Exam 2 (1 – 4.1, 6, 7.1)  CA 2 Due

             *** Spring Break, 4/7- 4/13 ** 



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1) Videos for each HW.  Be sure to look in the instructional videos section for the videos assigned for each HW.  You will be required to either fill in pre-made notes or make notes of your own if no pre-made notes are provided.  These notes are to be titled and turned in with the HW in order to earn credit for this part of the HW.

2) For ALL HW you need to include a vocabulary list of pertinent vocabulary from each new section you turn in work on.  Label which vocab is from which section to earn credit.  Vocabulary should be defined in a way that helps you, personally:  words, pictures, formulas, etc.  (Any section already completed you do NOT need to redo vocabulary.)  

3) For book problems, see HW guidelines (link above) on how to do this work. 

Remember: Continue to do vocabulary for EVERY new section we cover and turn them in with the HW.


HW #1                                                                                                Due: 2/20

Videos:  For each of the videos/webpages write down the title on your HW and then write your notes below the title.

* Review slope definition and calculation: 
Definition: http://www.mathsisfun.com/definitions/slope.html  Once you write down the definition, click on equation of a straight line and explore using the interactive graph.  Write down what you learn.
Calculations: http://www.mathsisfun.com/geometry/slope.html .  Take notes on what you learned.

* Click the link here to read about roof pitch.  Do you recognize something familiar? Read the short article, and write a few sentences about what roof pitch has to do with math. 

Solving two variable equation for one of the variables - watch this video and follow along by taking notes and doing the problem.  Turn these notes in along with all the notes you made above as the video portion of your HW. 

Songs: Watch and enjoy  Rise up Run out; Another graphing song;  Optional: Graph it song 

Book Problems/Vocab: For the following sections:  Make a list of the pertinent vocabulary for each section assigned below and write definitions for each.  The definitions can be words, pictures, equations... whatever helps YOU understand it.  Be sure to write which section each vocabulary word comes from.  (Some sections will have more vocabulary than others.)  You will be doing this vocabulary for every HW for every new section.

1.1 #9, 16, 39
1.2 #47, 50, 96
1.3 13, 26, 30, 34, 38, 52

Brain Teaser #1 - from class - Draw a rectangle and choose lengths for the sides and ends.  Draw the half line.  Then calculate the distance for each versions of Mrs. Martinez's exercise.  Use this to state your solution to the problem. Turn this in with HW #1


HW #2                                                                                                Due: 2/27 

Videos: *Watch the following two videos for rates:  (1) comparing rates   and (2) representing rates

Write the following:

           1) For each video write at least one question or comments you have about it.  For example: You can write something you understood that would be good to remember,

            2) Also, copy down the actual problem that was done.

            3) What do you notice about rate and slope?

*Learn (or review) how to find the equation of a line using point-slope form. Online video .  Write out the example or do your own example problem.

Function notation and Evaluating functions  After watching the two video links state what g(x) means and EXPLAIN how to find g(3) if g(x) = 3x - 7 + x .  Now find g(-4).

Song: Watch, listen and enjoy: Algebra song - function rap

Book Problems / Vocab: For the following sections, except 1.3, since it's already been done:  Make a list of the pertinent vocabulary for each section assigned below and write definitions for each.  The definitions can be words, pictures, equations... whatever helps YOU understand it.  Be sure to write which section each vocabulary word comes from.  (Some sections will have more vocabulary than others.) 

1.3  #55-58 all

1.4  #44, 46, 51, 61 (for part b skip the part about the slope addition property.  Answer the rest.)

1.5  #27, 31, 37, 45, 60, 72

1.6  # 25-28 all, 34, 35, 39, 40, 43(use your calculator, then sketch the graph on your HW)






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Course Material:

Required Materials:

  • Intermediate Algebra by Lehman (ECC Custom Edition #1- 2014; This is similar to 5th Edition of non-custom edition; We will NOT be using any online HW so you do NOT need a code.)
  • Graphing calculator preferable TI-84 (or TI-83). (Note: TI-89, TI-86, TI-Inspires, phones, etc. will NOT be acceptable during exams or quizzes.),
  • Large Blue Exam Books (approx 3)

Extra Video

Road gradients

Rules for grading roads

Roof pitch video 

Waipio valley road (watch only until 2:32)

Another Waipio valley video.  (Watch from 3:00-3:30)    

Waipio from the 4x4 view (quick video)    


Class Notes: 


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Online Resources:


Calculator Help:



Rise up Run out (slope, graphing and equations) song (HW 1)

Graph it song (optional HW 1)

Another graphing song (HW 1)

Algebra song - function rap (HW 2)

All I do is Solve - systems of equations (HW 4)

Multiplying Binomials song (HW 5)

Teach me how to factor (HW 6)

Solving Quadratic Equations Song  (HW 7)

Best quadratic equation song (HW 9)

Super Base - Exponent Rules (HW 12)

Parabolas with Mario and Luigi


Instructional Videos 


HW #2 Extra videos if needed:  

             evaluating a function using a graph

             another function evaluation video

HW #4: Tortoise & Hare: Solving Systems of Equations - Set-up 

HW #4: Tortoise & Hare: Solving Systems of Equations - Substitution 

HW #4: Solving Systems of Equations - Elimination

HW #4: Solving Systems of Equations - Dependent/Independent/Inconsistent

HW #5:  Solving Systems of Equations - Why elimination works     

HW #5:  Properties of Exponents part 1,  part 2

HW #5:  Subtracting Polynomials

HW #5: Ch 6: Multiplying using box - Video 1,  Video 2

HW #6:   Video 3-trinomials                 

HW #6:  Factoring using box method:  Video 1 Video 2 video 3-four terms   

HW #6:  Zero factor Property 

HW #7:  Solving quadratic equations    Solving quad equations video 2       

HW #7:  Graphing Quadratic Functions using Vertex Form

Not assigned:  Graphing quadratic functions in standard form

HW #8:  Solving using square root property 

HW #9:  Quadratic Formula Help - Pick One:

                     Funny video (but long), regular video (shorter)        

HW #9:  quadratic equations application problem

Not assigned:   mixing problem;

HW #9: Domain of rational expressions: video 1        

HW #10:  Simplifying rational expressions: video 1 

HW #10: Multiplying rational expressions: video 1

HW #10:  Dividing rational expressions:  quick video

HW #10:  Optional video: simplify/multiply/divide rational expressions quick review (all the above concepts combined into one video.  You can use this instead of the above three videos as long as you provide examples of each topic, or you can use this to give you more examples of the above topics.)

HW #10:  Adding rational expressions:  video 1 

HW #11:  Adding rational expressions: video 2       

HW #11:  Solving rational equations:   There are 10 videos on this web-page all discussing solving rational equations and application problems in rational equations, including extraneous roots.  Watch at least one of each type, although it would behoove you to watch at least two of each type.  

HW #12:  Replacement to Khan Academy videos/practie:  Simplifying radicals:  Video 1  Adding radicals Video1  Video 2

HW #12:  Previous HW 12, if you already did this then turn it in, if not, I suggest the above videos they are clearer and more concise.  [Radical Expressions:   There are 7 videos / practices for this topic that include simplifying and adding and subtracting roots.  Do them all and write an example for simplifying, adding and subtracting roots.]

HW #13:   Multiplying radical expressions using box

HW #13:  Rationalizing Denominators 

HW #13:  Radical Equations:   Video (scroll down to find video)

HW #14:   Definition of Absolute value 

Hw #14:  Solving Absolute Value Equations

HW #14:   Solving Inequalities in one variable

HW #14:  Graphing two-variable inequalities

New videos:

Graphing equations by plotting (quadratic  & shifts) (13:36)

 intercept method for graphing (13:11)

grpahing lines in general

Review of Math 40 Material:

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