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Anatomy 001/32

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Email: avalle@elcamino.edu  (ECC)

Email: valle_anne@smc.edu  (SMC)

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Spring 2013 Syllabi:

Anatomy 32 Syllabus

Anatomy 001 Syllabus

Lecture presentations 

Chapter 1 Introduction (Marieb) PowerPoint

Chapter 1 Introduction (Marieb) PDF 

Chapter 2 Cells (Marieb) PowerPoint

Chapter 2 Cells (Marieb) PDF

Chapter 3/4 Tissues (Marieb) PowerPoint

Chapter 3/4 Tissues (Marieb) PDF 

Chapter 5 Integument (Marieb) PowerPoint

Chapter 5 Integument (Marieb) PDF     

Chapter 12 Nervous System (Marieb) Powerpoint

Chapter 12 Nervous System (Marieb) PDF 

Chapter 13 The CNS (Marieb) Powerpoint

Chapter 13 The CNA (Marieb) PDF     

Chapter 14 The PNS (Marieb) Powerpoint

Chapter 14 The PNS (Marieb) PDF     

Chapter 15 The ANS (Marieb) Powerpoint

Chapter 15 The ANS (Marieb) PDF

Chapter 16 Special Senses (Marieb) Powerpoint

Chapter 16 Special Senses (Marieb) PDF

Chapter 6 Skeletal System (Marieb) Powerpoint

Chapter 6 Skeletal System (Marieb)     

Chapter 6 Skeletal System (Marieb) PDF     

Chapter 7 Axial Skeleton (Marieb) Powerpoint

Chapter 7 Axial Skeleton (Marieb) PDF

Chapter 8 Appendicular Skeleton (Marieb) Powerpoint

Chapter 8 Appendicular Skeleton (Marieb) PDF 

Chapter 9 Articulations (Marieb) Powerpoint

Chapter 9 Articulations (Marieb) PDF     

Chapter 10 Muscles (Marieb) Powerpoint

Chapter 10 Muscles (Marieb) PDF 

Chapter 11 Skeletal Muscles (Marieb) Powerpoint

Chapter 11 Skeletal Muscles (Marieb) PDF     

Chapter 18 Blood (Marieb) Powerpoint

Chapter 18 Blood (Marieb) PDF

Chapter 19 Heart (Marieb) Powerpoint

Chapter 19 Heart (Marieb) PDF

Chapter 20 Blood Vessels (Marieb) Powerpoint     

Chapter 20 Blood Vessels (Marieb) PDF

Chapter 21 Lymphatic System (Marieb) Powerpoint

Chapter 21 Lymphatic System (Marieb) PDF

Chapter 22 Endocrine System (Marieb) Powerpoint

Chapter 22 Endocrine System (Marieb) PDF 

Endocrine Test

Chapter 23 Digestive System (Marieb) Powerpoint

Chapter 23 Digestive System (Marieb) PDF 

Chapter 22 Respiratory System (Marieb) Powerpoint

Chapter 22 Respiratory System (Marieb) PDF

Chapter 24 Urinary System (Marieb) Powerpoint

Chapter 24 Urinary System (Marieb) PDF 

Chapter 25 Reproductive System (Marieb) Powerpoint

Chapter 25 Reproductive System (Marieb) PDF 

Practical Slides

Study Guides

Practical I Study Slides  PowerPoint

Practical I Study Slides  PDF

CVS Practical Study Slides Powerpoint

CVS Practical Study Slides PDF 


Viscera Study Guide

 Nervous System Study Guide     

Skeletal System Study Guide

Muscles System Study Guide

Muscle Origins 

Study Group Log

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