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English 1A
Briita Halonen

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Class Information:

English 1A, Reading and Composition, is designed to strengthen students' ability to read and write.  This is a transfer-level course, and it entails a required research paper. 

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Course Policies:

Specific policies are listed in the syllabus; however, to be successful, you will want to come to class on time, complete all the work thoughtfully and generally give your best effort to improve your writing.

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The syllabus will be passed out on the first day of class.  Please e-mail me if you need another copy.

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All assignments are listed in the schedule passed out on the first day of class.  To top of page 

Typical Course Materials:


  • Maimon, Elaine P., Janice H. Peritz and Kathleen Blake Yancey.  A Writer's Resource: A Handbook for Writing and Research.  Boston: McGraw Hill, 2010.  (3rd edition with 2009 MLA Updates)
  • O'Brien, Tim.  The Things They Carried. (any edition is fine)
  • Gladwell, Malcolm.  The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference.  (any edition is fine)
  • Speigelman, Art.  Maus I: A Survivor's Tale: My Father Bleeds History.  New York: Pantheon Books, 1986.        
  • A three-ring binder with paper & dividers
  • Writing utensils (blue/black-ink pens, highlighter, etc.)
  • Two bluebooks (bring for the midterm and final essay exams)
  • An actively-checked ECC e-mail account


  • A stapler
  • A flash drive (STRONGLY RECOMMENDED)
  • A college-level dictionary

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Online Resources:

  • On average, English 1A students who use the Writing Center are 18% more likely to finish the class and 21% more likely to pass.  Find out how you can use El Camino's Writing Center here.
  • Online Dictionary
  • Online Thesaurus
  • Vocab building on Freerice.com
  • Harvard's Writing Center  (excellent writing tips for skills like concluding papers without simply summarizing)
  • A helpful guide for MLA formatting and citations
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