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PE 300abcd Aerobic Fitness

PE 300abcd

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Class Information:

Location: PE 52
Time: 9:00-10:01am
Tuesdays and Thursdays

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This course is a one hour lab emphasizing cardiovascular endurance.A variety of modes are utilized to increase aerobic capacity, burn fat, increase flexibility, firm and tone muscles, and increase the level of personal well-being. Students will improve their aerobic capacity, and learn various ways to work out to increase their overall fitness.


Course Policies

Active participation is required.Bring a towel and water to class, and make sure you have a good pair of exercise shoes and are dressed to participate.There are no excused absences.You may make up classes if needed by participating in another fitness class and have the instructor verify the make-up with a signature and the date.You may not leave early unless you have informed the instructor ahead or time, or you will be marked absent.Make sure you are on time, in order to get a full warm-up.The book, The Road to Fitness by Sharkie Zartman is recommended for beginners, and also for the take home 50 point midterm assignment.


Final Grading:

Final grades will be based on these requirements:

Attendance:            300 points (10 points subtracted for each absence)

Midterm:                  50 points (take-home assignment)

Data Sheet:              10 points

Pre and Post Tests:   60 points

Workout Chart         50 points

Final Evaluation:        30 points

Grade scale: 500 points possible


400-449= B



below 300 = F

                                     Schedule/ Spring 2007


Tuesday                      Thursday                     Tuesday                      Thursday


2/13                              2/15                              2/20                              2/22

Orientation                    Low Impact                  Pre Tests                      CV Pre Tests



2/27                              3/1                                3/6                                3/8

Combo CV                   Beg Sculpt                    Step 1                           Circuit #1



3/13                              3/15                              3/20                              3/22

Spice It Up                   Step/Sculpt                    Fatburner #1                 Yoga Flow



3/27                              3/29                              4/10                              4/12

Cardio Kick Box           GME                            Fatburner 2                   Super Circuit




4/17                              4/19                              4/24                              4/26

Combo CV                   Step Circuit                   Surf’s Up                      Fusion

                                                                        CV                               Yoga/Kickbox



5/1                               5/3                               5/8                               5/10                                                

Fatburner #3                 Cinco CV                     Step 2                          Power Pump

                                    Latin Dance


5/15                              5/17                              5/22                              5/24

Intervals                       Boot Camp                   Ropesport                     Post Tests



5/29                              5/31                              6/5                               6/7

CV Post Tests            The Challenge              Final Workout                  Grades                 

Final Evaluation                                  


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