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    Class Information:

Instructor:  Professor Zartman
Office: PE 218
Phone: 310-660-3654
Email: Czartman@elcamino.edu
Office Hours:  Mon/Wed 9:30-10:00   Tues/Thurs 8:00-9:00
Text:  Invitation to Fitness and Wellness  Hales and Zartman

Course Objectives:  This course prepares students to take full charge of all the dimensions of personal health and wellness. The power to make good decisions, assume responsibility for one's behaviors, and eventually adapt positive habits that promote a healthy lifestyle are all hopeful outcomes of the course.

   Course Policies 

  • Regular attendance is required or you may be dropped.
  • Food and beverages are not allowed in classrooms.
  • Turn off cell phones and pages while in class.
  • All assignments must  be completed and turned in on the due date, or they will not be accepted unless previously arranged.
  • No children allowed in class.
  • You are expected to take notes during class.
  • The textbook is not required.
  • If you need to leave the class early, inform the instructor at the start of the class.

    Grading and Methods of Assessment:

Unit Tests:  Four unit tests will be given at the conclusion of each section.  The tests are objective.  A review will be given to prepare for each test. If you miss a test, you must make it up within a week.

Individual Project:  You will select a health related topic to research.  You will prepare a two or three page typed  research paper.  If you would rather present the information to the class, then you must hand in an outline.  Make sure you have at least three resources.  Another option, is to volunteer at least 4 hours for a health related cause. The organization your volunteered for must validate the hours.  The project is due the 14th week of the semester.

Assessments and Assignments:  Various assessments and assignments will be distributed periodically during the semester as well as some extra credit.

Attendance and Participation:  5 points will be subtracted from 50 for each unexcused absense. Bonus points will be rewarded for class participation.

Final Grading Scale:

Four Unit Tests of 80 points       320 points
Individual Project                         50 points
Random Assignments                   80 points
Attendance and Participation        50 points

Approximate Total Points            500 points

A = 90% and above   B = 80-89 %   C= 70-79%   D = 60-69%   F  = Below 60%


  Topic Areas

I.  Introduction to Health and Wellness
     Basic Body Orientation
     Health and Wellness Defined
     Psychosocial Health
     Stress Management
     Psychological Disorders

2.  Health Promotion Through Fitness and Nutrition
     Basic Fitness
     Exercise Physiology
     Nutrition for Optimum Health
     Managing Body Weight and Body Composition

3.  Addiction and Chronic Diseases
     Addiction Theories
     Common Chemical Addictions and Health Consequences
     Cardiovascular Disease
     Cancer/Environmental Concerns
     Aging, Death and Dying

4.  Human Reproduction and Infectious Disease
Reproductive Anatomy and Physiology
     Contraception and Infertility
     Infectious Disease and STI's

The textbook covers approximately on third of the course material.  Make sure you come to class and take notes.  You will not be tested on anything that we did not cover in class.



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