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One of the more interesting aspects of “Speed Reading” is that it is offered ON-LINE as well as ON-CAMPUS.  If you are a motivated student who wants to learn to read faster with better comprehension, but can’t get to campus, READ ON!

In order to take the On-Line version of “Speed Reading,” you must have regular access to a computer (Minimum requirements: Mac System 7.0 or PC 486 with 33.6 modem).  Of course, you can work in computer labs On-Campus.  If that’s okay so far, READ ON!

You must be signed up with an ISP such as AOL, MSN, GTE, AT&T, Earthlink, etc.  If you can’t afford the standard ISP monthly fee, try one of the free services such as http://www.netzero.net. Your ISP should give you access to the World Wide Web via browser software such as Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer (Version 4 or higher).  Finally, you need an e-mail address (free e-mail is available through a number of places including http://hotmail.com & http://edit.my.yahoo.com), and you must be reasonably computer literate.  If you can meet these requirements,  READ ON!


Question #1:  What is the difference between taking English 7 On-Line as opposed to On-Campus?

Answer:  Not much!  The content of this On-Line course is the same as the On-Campus version.  The difference is in the way you receive instruction.  On-Campus students will meet twice weekly On-Campus with the instructor.  On-Line students will do most of their work independently, at a computer station.  On-Line students do need to be aware that there are a minimal number of meetings On-Campus (two).

Question #2:  If I take the course On-Line, will I ever be able to talk to the instructor other than those two scheduled meetings on campus?

Answer:  ABSOLUTELY!  There are a number of ways to contact the instructor with questions and comments:

1.   THE WEBBOARD:  This is our “virtual classroom.”  It is where most of our communications will happen.  You will need to register and choose a password.  Don’t worry.  It’s easy.  All you have to do is go to the Internet and type in the following URL to get to the site:  http://webboard.elcamino.edu/~english7

WebBoard keeps a list of all who log-on and it is available to the instructor.  There are several types of “Conferences” available to you:

a.   READ ONLY – where you can read or print but not contribute anything.

b.   Others – where you can participate.

    *For more information about the WebBoard, click the "WebBoard Introduction" Conference in WebBoard.  But I’d suggest you wait until you finish reading this On-Line section before you go there.

2.   E-MAIL:  I’ve already provided you with my e-mail address in several places, but here it is again – dgross@elcamino.edu.  I will need your e-mail address also.  You can e-mail it to me!  We will use e-mail for private chats, since everyone sees what is written in the WebBoard and the Mailing List.  On-Line students need to check their e-mail regularly, as I do mine!

3.   MAILING LIST:   A mailing list is a kind of mass-mailing program.  I will use this anytime I need to send e-mail to everyone in the class.  You can use it to e-mail everyone, too. This mailing list (found within WebBoard) is where I will contact all of you with major announcements, etc.  It’s a snap to work. You should subscribe immediately!  Here is how:

a.      To Subscribe:
    1.  Click "More" on the WebBoard toolbar
    2.  Click on "Mailing Lists"
    3.  Click the check box next to "Mail (english7)" unless it
         is already checked

    4.  Finally, click "Save" and you are done

b.      To Communicate with Everyone on the List write:

To: english7@webboard.elcamino.edu

Question #3:  I enjoy meeting and talking to other students.  Will I have any interaction with my classmates? 
Answer:  You will, of course, get to interact with classmates in our “virtual classroom” on the WebBoard and through the Mailing List and E-mail.  You can also work the course at one of our ECC Computer Labs  where you can arrange whatever meetings you desire.  But, it’s true that the convenience of working at home and avoiding trips to campus cuts down on opportunities to socialize in person.

Question #4:  When will the two class required on-campus meetings happen?

Answer:  The first week of classes we will have an orientation session. During the fifteenth week of classes, you must come to campus and take the final standardized reading test. You will also hand in your completed English 7 Reading Notebook at that time.  I will announce the exact dates, times, and locations for these two meetings as soon as I know them. 

By the way, the date, time, and place of the first (orientation) class will be announced in the ECC Schedule of Classes.  The other required On-Campus class, during the fifteenth week, will most likely be held in the same location and at the same time as the first orientation session. I'll confirm this via a WebBoard Announcement or a Mailing List message.  Check, beforehand, to make sure you are available to come to campus on these dates.

Question #5:  What are the disadvantages of taking “Speed Reading” On-Line?  

Answer:  I obviously think that this On-Line educational experience is exciting and rewarding.  I find students often learn a lot more when they can pace a course themselves! However, On-Line courses do require a lot of self- discipline.  You’ve got to set yourself a schedule to log on to the WebBoard regularly (preferably twice a week since this class meets On-Campus twice a week).  If you don’t do this, you won’t be successful in the course.

Question #6:  Which costs more, the On-Campus or On-Line Version of “Speed Reading?”
Answer:  The courses cost exactly the same.  However, On-Liners do need to subscribe to an Internet Service Provider such as AOL or AT&T.  Most ISP’s charge a monthly fee.  But, if you are willing to put up with adds, you can try a free ISP such as http://www.netzero.net.  You can also sign up for free e-mail at places such as http://hotmail.com or http://edit.my.yahoo.com.

Question #7:  How do I get my work to you? 

Answer:  Most of your work will be done in the printed “English 7 Reading Notebook” that you will be purchasing at the ECC Bookstore. I’ll be explaining  how to complete it throughout the semester, as we do the various notebook sections.  You will hand in your finished notebook during Week 15, at the time you come to campus to take your Final Exams.

Your 3 vocabulary quizzes will be taken On-Line.  I consider them a learning experience and invite you to use your books and classmates to help you.

*For more information about the Quizzes, click on the “Quizzes” Conference in WebBoard.  I’d suggest you wait until you finish reading this On-Line section before you go there.



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