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On-Campus – In Communications 204, MCS 218/219, and in the Library Media & Technology Center in the library basement, Rooms B&D, the following Reading Comprehension computer programs are available.  If you would like to learn more about any of them, just click on the desired URL.  


Inspiration  by Inspiration Software Inc. @

The program enables users to graphically organize their thoughts by creating “concept maps” for readings, and then converting those maps to outlines for writing. ($69)


Reading Road Trip by Addison Wesley Longman @

A comprehensive reading program with a travel theme in which 15 specific reading skills (e.g. “main ideas” and “details”) are taught by means of models and exercises. (Free with various Longman Reading Texts-price range $40-$50)  


Reading Strategies by Steck-Vaughn @

This program consists of reading comprehension passages which can be paced at varying speeds up to 600wpm. Each story lesson includes the following vocabulary activities: “flash and type,” “fill-in-the-blanks,” “vocabulary review-multiple choice,” “crossword puzzles,” “word search grid,” and “word roll” vocabulary game. ($225 per grade level)


Quantum by Steck-Vaughn @

This program is an extension of Reading Strategies.  Stories are presented at higher grade levels (10th & up) than RS and reading speeds can be set up to 1200wpm. ($175 per grade level)

bulletUltimate Speed Reader by Davidson (Knowledge Works)  @ or  
Ultimate Speed Reader offers six activities to increase peripheral vision, improve eye movement, and increase overall reading speed. Rate can be set through 2000wpm.  Audio support is extensive-all program directions are spoken in human voice. ($30)

Off-campus - Available through Websites and/or in local computer software stores:


 AceReader by Stepware, Inc @

A speed reading program that utilizes two main technologies: (1) Rapid Serial Visual Presentation (RSVP) and (2) Tachistoscopic Scroll Presentation (TSP).  In RSVP, text is displayed in the center of the screen and, in TSP, it is flashed left to right in phrases of varying sizes at configurable speed settings. ($25)


Guided Reading by Taylor Associates @

Paced reading selections are presented in two segments.  Each of the two parts can be read: (1) page-by-page; (2) line-by-line, left-to-right; or (3) word-by-word. Questions are asked at the end of the entire selection.  Very similar to Comprehension Power. (c$200 pre grade level)


 Reading Solution by Milliken @

The program consists of a series of stories presented in segments, line-by-line with follow-up comprehension questions for each segment. Each story has a “words in context” and a “preview of topic sentences” section.  Student can set his own speed. ($225 per grade level)


 Rocket Reader  by Creative Windoware @

This speed reading program includes six activities. “Drills” (1) use a flash technique requiring users to read nonsense syllables, one word, several words or sentences. “Exercises (2) use smart shadows that turn into words and phrases requiring readers to recognize large chunks of text.  “Speed Training” (3) flashes a word, phrase, or line-at-a-time at a speed and width chosen by the reader.  “Practice Readings” (4) require users to select one of many included classical works. “Memory Testing” (5) asks the user comprehension questions based on the “Practice Readings.”  The “Speed Test” (6) measures the reader’s progress using the same scrolling technique introduced in the “Practice Readings.” ($135)


Sherlock Holmes by Creative Media (Mac only) @

This program contains the complete text of the mysteries of Sherlock Holmes and has search capabilities. ($30)


The Tell-Tale Heart by Harmony Interactive @

In this program, two different narrators read the Poe classic. ($30)



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