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Cerritos College Reading and Study Skills @ http://www3.cerritos.edu/reading

This site begins with a reading inventory designed to help students determine their strengths and weaknesses in reading comprehension. The follow-up tutorials include vocabulary in context, the main idea, the topic sentence, implied main ideas, supporting details, recognizing transitions, recognizing patterns of organization, and recognizing inferences.


Constructing Meaning Through Readingwww.geocities.com/CapeCanaveral/7420  

This is one of the Web's largest, most impressive collections of reading tutorials.  Students are taught to Construct Meaning through numerous reading-related links such as vocabulary (focus on prefixes & roots), critical reading, dictionaries, research sites, book reviews, books-on-line, reading journals, and more! Students can also post book reviews here.


NovaNET @ http://www.nn.com  

NovaNet, a computer-based learning system developed by the University of Illinois Educational Research Lab, offers an extensive on-line library of interactive instructional courseware designed specifically for adult learners. Curriculum offerings include basic skills such as reading, writing, study skills and math.  Web technologies such as on-line testing, discussion forums, real-time chat, and e-mail are integrated into the curriculum.  Access to the 10,000+ lesson database requires a costly subscription.  However, many tutorials are available for free at this NovaNet website.


PLAN Instruction @ http://www.schooledu.swt.edu/Dev.ed/PLAN/PLAN_teach.frames  

At this site, David Caverly and Cynthia Peterson present their rationale for a "Constructivist Approach to College Developmental Reading."  One practical application of this approach is a textbook reading strategy called P.L.A.N. Students who visit this site are presented P.L.A.N.'s four steps to reading informational text.


Purdue University Liberal Arts Learning Center @ http://www.sla.purdue.edu/studentserv/learningcenter  

Purdue's Learning Center  provides numerous handouts on a variety of reading-related skills including:  time management, memory, lecture notetaking, problem solving, reading speed, SQ3R, and test taking.  A listing of  "Academic Help" resources in the areas of study skills, ESL, math, writing, and reading are also available here.




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