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On-Campus – In Communications 204, MCS 218/219, and in the Library Media & Technology Center in the library basement,  Rooms B&D, the following Vocabulary computer programs are available.  If you would like to learn more about any of them, just click on the desired URL.


Ultimate Word Attack by Davidson @ http://www.davd.com or http://www.store.knowledgeadventure.com/knowledge

Ultimate Word Attack teaches over 4000 vocabulary words at 4th-12th  grade levels using five activities: “Presentation Activity,” “Tile Game,” “Crossword Puzzle,” “Slime Game,” and “Maze Game.” Words are spoken in human voice. ($30)


Vocabulary Skills & Advanced Vocabulary Skills by Townsend @ http://www.townsendpress.com

This computer software provides two added mastery tests for each skill in Townsend‘s various vocabulary and reading texts (grade levels 5th-13th). Audio is available with vocabulary texts only. (Free with Townsend reading texts-$20-$40)


 Wordsmart by Smartech Software @ http://www.wordsmart.com

This vocabulary (grade levels 4th-college) building software teaches words through five activities: “Multiple Choice with Audio Discussions,” “Flash Cards,” “Column Matching,” “Sentence Completion,” and “Laser Review.” The “Audio Discussion” activity presents, in human voice, an extensive discussion of each word’s definition with synonyms, antonyms, history, and usage. ($260 per grade level)

Off-campus - Available through Websites and/or in local computer software stores:


Crossword Magic by The Learning Company (Incorporating Broderbund, Mindscape & Softkey) @ www.learningcompanyschool.com

Instructors and students can easily create crossword puzzles with this program. ($70)

bullet eWords by ediSys Corp. @ http://games.software-directory.com/software-2.cdprod1/021/608.eWords.shtml
A  challenging, fast-paced Scrabble-like board game with seven word board variations.  The program contains 160,000 words ranging from "beginner" to
"expert"  levels. ($20)

Gocabulary by Tripling Technologies, Inc. @ http://www.edsoft.com

This computer word game teaches vocabulary (grade levels 4th-college). Three words, a triplet, are shown on screen.  The student (or student team) is asked to decide what relationship exists between them, and then invests points based on that decision. Crossword puzzles are included.  No audio. ($60)


Super Tutor Vocabulary by Super Tutor @ http://www.supertutor.com

Super Tutor teaches 1500 words (grade levels 6th-12th) using the “Top of the World” vocabulary electronic board game plus four different activities (zones): (1) “The Search Zone,” where user looks up definitions and hears pronunciations, (2) “The Study Zone,” where user practices spelling and using words in context, (3) “The Quiz Zone” multiple-choice activity, and the (4) “Custom Lesson Zone,” where user can add words. ($30)


Think Analogy Puzzles by Critical Thinking @ http://www.edsoft.com

Users build their vocabulary (grade levels 3rd-Adult) using puzzles which require them to match and classify 15 complete analogies from a screen of 30 analogy halves.  Players can view any word’s definition by selecting it. ($179)

bulletVocabulary Builder by San Diego Software Solutions @  http://www.members.home.com/sandiegoss/index.html

This program teaches vocabulary through presenting target words in sentences and in two multiple-choice activities. The program must be downloaded as no disk is yet available.  Digitized sound. ($10)


Vocabulary Master by College PowerPrep @ http://www.powerprep.com/new/vocabmas.htm

This program teaches the most difficult words found on the SAT visually with pictures in groups of 30 (360 total). A word is first presented with (1) an illustration, (2) a definition and (3) the word used in context. The second activity is multiple choice with the picture included.  The third activity is multiple choice without the picture. The next activity requires the reader to use the word in an incomplete sentence (again, without the picture). Thusly, the user is provided fewer and fewer clues and required to recall the word independently.  No audio. ($25)


Word Bingo, Word Cross, Word Link, Word Juggle (& Teacher Toll Kit which generates word matches, puzzles, scrambles, etc.) by Hi Tech of Santa Cruz; available with text-to-speech audio only for MAC @ http://www.teachertools.com

These productivity programs allow users to build their own vocabulary games and exercises. (Teacher Tool Kit-$75; all other games $35)


Word Games at Camelot by Adventure Learning Ware @ http://www.edsoft.com

This vocabulary game allows students to progress through 36 levels of play to demonstrate mastery of its 3,300 words (grade levels 2-Adult). User can create crossword puzzles, word search puzzles, flash cards and tests. The program is a DOS application that can be run through Windows. ($30)


World of Words by RES (Randolph Educational Services) Software @ http://www.wowwords.com

Users learn vocabulary (grade level 6th-Adult) by associating words in families/themes (e.g. “words encompassing feelings” such as agreeable, argumentative, boring, enthusiastic). Activities include thematically relevant stories using the words in context and graphic representations of narratives which require users to visualize words in pictures.  Words are pronounced in digitized speech. ($70)



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