Assignments in the form of questions or web searches are given throughout the course for you to answer or work on. These are open ended and usually there is no one answer to them.  For online students, I am asking you to type your answers into the Etudes Discussion Board (like a message board) and the requirement is that you answer at least 6 of these by the end of the semester (3 before the mid-term meeting and 3 after). Additional answers and postings are counted as extra credit.  For in-class students, the questions are for your own challenge and are similar to those given in class.

Games and Puzzles:

The games are puzzles, questions, and challenges that are just for fun, but will undoubtedly enhance your learning in the course. We will add new games as the semester continues. Please post to the Discussion Board any new games you find which you think the rest of the students would like. (Remember you need to type the exact URL in full to the site).

Game: How Big is the Pyramid?
(Requires Shockwave)

Game: A challenge in using heiroglyphs.

Some Games from the Univ. of Penn.

Below is a short powerpoint on the Functions of Art

 Last Published 7/14/16