Giza An exploration of Egyptian Art is a trip into the mysterious, the colossal, and the fascinating. While we are dealing with a higher civilization which recorded written accounts of their history, their kings, their religious practices and a great many other topics-including hymns and love poems; there are still many mysteries which surround the culture. As we study their art and architecture, we will see a tremendous love of permanence and stability, expressed through their love of stone and massive scale. The concept of eternity, of a life beyond, yet similar to this life, governs much of their artistic production. Yet we should not get the impression that they lived only for the gods and the afterlife. The numerous paintings and papyrus art works display a love of life and incorporate a variety of subjects, including: personal morality, craft and farm production, musical activity, dancing, the elegance of banquets emphasizing flowers and perfumes, as well as the beauty of nature, fish, and wildlife. Education is emphasized by the scribes, even to the point of refuting the importance of ones burial.

Click here for a summary of the Last Judgment of Hunefer written on a papryus scroll.   Also go to this site for another papyrus last judgment scroll.

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