Summary of the Comparative Review Pages:

The Comparative Review is designed to summarize a few of the major links which might be seen between Prehistoric or Ancient Art History and Modern or Contemporary Art. Therefore, this section may be used by both Art 2 and Art 4 students. It is fascinating to see the inter-connections that exist between art that is separated by thousands of years, yet has distinct similarities either in function or in style. Throughout history artists have consistently borrowed or been inspired by artists or entire movements of the past. Within the Modern and Contemporary movements there has been a new awareness of art which is different in function and values, which attempts to move away from the commercialization aspect, and the corruption of the modern art market system. Thus, it is not concerned with strictly art for art's sake or art as the final commercial product. Other functions, which are often found in prehistoric, tribal and ancient cultures, have been explored in more recent times, such as, art for healing, for broader societal or communal functions, or art that is linked to the earth or the environment. So explore these visual relationships in the pages that follow: We will be adding more in the future.

Comparative Review: Prehistoric, Tribal and Modern

Summary of Tribal and Prehistoric Influences

Architectural Comparisons