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Eduardo Munoz

Political Science Professor

Current Courses:


 Political Science 1, Sections 2726  Honors 

 Political Science 1,  Section 2736 and 2744 

 Political Science 1 Online Fall 2017 Sections 4177, 4179 & 4181 

Political Science 10 Online Spring 2017 Section 4184

 Political Science 1 Online 4185 and 4187 Summer 2016

 Political Science 1 Online 4239 and 4241 Winter 2018

Contact Info:

Email: emunoz@elcamino.edu

Office Phone: (310) 660-3593  XT. 3740

SOCS 109  



Office Hours:

Spring 2018


Mondays & Wednesdays 10-11:15am

Tuesdays and Thursday 9-9:30am


Mondays and Wednesday 12:45-1:15pm

Mondays 9-10pm




Spring 2018

Pol Sci 1 Online Sections 4170 & 4172    

Pol Sci 10 Online Section 4184      

This course will be taught using both, the college course management system "Canvas", and Pearson Publisher's "Revel". For Pol Sci 1 students I sent a class email several days ago with information about the class. For Pol Sci 10 students that email was sent last night. I hope both groups of students received it.

In the meantime, this is the textbook information, it is available for purchase at the ECC bookstore. What you are actually purchasing is an access code that will give you the course platform as well as the ebook

Pol Sci 1 Textbook

"Government in America: People, Politics, and Policy" by George Edwards, Martin Wattenberg and William Howell. 17th Edition (2016 Presidential Election Edition) Pearson Publishers, New York.

Pol Sci 10  Textbook

“International Relations" by John Pevehouse and Joshua Goldstein, 11th Edition, 2017. Pearson Longman Publishers, New York.

Contact me with any questions you might have.


Professor Munoz

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