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Social and Behavioral Sciences

Eduardo Munoz

Political Science Professor

Current Courses:


 Political Science 1, Sections 2726  Honors 

 Political Science 1,  Section 2736 and 2744 

 Political Science 1 Online Fall 2016 Sections 4180,4181 and 4182 

Political Science 10 Online Spring 2016 Section 4188

 Political Science 1 Online 4185 and 4187 Summer 2016

 Political Science 1 Online 4229 and 4241 Winter 2017

Contact Info:

Email: emunoz@elcamino.edu

Office Phone: (310) 660-3593  XT. 3740

SOCS 212                   

Office Hours:

Winter 2017

Mondays 8-10pm (Online)






Winter 2017 Pol Sci 1 Online Sections 4229 & 4241            

As per the schedule of classes, there will be an on campus orientation meeting for each of these courses on Thursday, January 5 in SOCS 212. This will be the only meeting we will have during Fall semester..

Section 4229 from 4-5:30pm

Section 4241 from 5:30-7pm


At that time I will go over everything pertaining to the course including assignments, exams, course management system requirements, etc., make sure you attend the scheduled orientation. As a reminder, a class email was sent to all students registered and those on the waiting list several days ago.

If you are trying to add the class make sure you attend as well,  it is at the orientation meeting that I will be able to determine if seats become available. If there are seats, those on the waiting list have priority in the order they are waitlisted, after that I will draw names out of a hat from those in attendance. 

See you on the 5th,


Professor Munoz 

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