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MLA style guide

Online texts:

Finding the Hero Journey Story in Cinderella and A Worn Path

The Life of Saint Paul

Story of Yamato Takeru

The Life of Buddha

Big Fish:

Screenplay of Big Fish--interested in film-making? Read the script of Big Fish.

Big Fish: How the screenwriter adapted the novel into a movie

The Secret Life of Bees:

Book Club Guide to The Secret Life of Bees

Black Madonna:

Some background info on the Black Madonna history

Dream Dictionaries:

Dream Moods 

Curious Dreamer

Fairy Tale Sites:

The Brothers Grimm: Full text of 12 famous European/American fairy tales

Some Japanese Fairy Tales

Some Chinese Fairy Tales

Sur La Lune: A large fairy tale site with many links

Fairy Tale info


The Hero's Journey: Joseph Campbell

An interview with Joseph Campbell on myths

Visual representation of the Hero Journey story

Examples of miraculous birth of hero stories

Lots more info on using the hero journey concept

Sample Hero Journey Essay: Cinderella

The Civil Rights Era:

The African American Odyssey

Civil Rights Time Line with links to historic people and events



Last Published 1/30/17