History 143

Twentieth-Century World History

Instructor: Dr. Florence M. Baker 


Spring 2016: Syllabus - Schedule

        Guide to Note Taking - Exam Guidelines


Exams: Midterm Exam - Research Paper - Final Exam


Lecture Outlines:

Topic 1: Rise of European World Dominance

Topic 2: European Imperialism: Africa and South Asia

Topic 3: European Imperialism: China and Japan

Topic 4: World War I

Topic 5: Marxism and the Development of Socialist Parties

Topic 6: Russian Revolution

Topic 7: Europe Between the Wars

Topic 8: Rise of Nationalism in Africa and India 

Topic 9: China and Japan Between the Wars

Topic 10: Nationalism and Dictatorship in Latin America

Topic 11: Totalitarianism: Hitler and Nazi Germany

Topic 12: World War II

Topic 13: The Cold War

Topic 14: U.S.S.R./Eastern Europe: Rise and Fall of Communism

Topic 15: Post World War II Europe and the Americas

Topic 16: China under Communism

Topic 17: Conflict in the Middle East

Topic 18: Issues for the Twenty-First Century