History 140

History of Early Civilizations

Instructor: Dr. Florence M. Baker

Spring 2016: Syllabus - Schedule  

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Exams:  Midterm Exam 1Midterm Exam 2 - Final Exam


Lecture Outlines:

Topic 1: Early Human Societies

Topic 2: Birth of the City: Mesopotamia

Topic 3: Birth of the City: Egypt

Topic 4: Creation of States: South Asia

Topic 5: Creation of States: East Asia

Topic 6: Creation of Empires: Persia

Topic 7: Assimilation and Resistance: Judah and Israel

Topic 8: The Greeks and the Wider World

Topic 9: Classical India

Topic 10: Classical China

Topic 11: Unification of Western Eurasia: Rome

Topic 12: Early Societies and States of the Americas 

Topic 13: Islam and the Islamic Empire