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Chem 1A section 1194

Chemistry 1A
General Chemistry I
5 units; 3 hours lecture, 6 hours lab
Prerequisite: (1) Chemistry 4 with a minimum grade of C, or 1 year of high school chemistry and qualification by testing (Chemistry Placement Test) and assessment; (2) Eligibility of Math 170.
Credit, degree applicable
Transfer CSU, UC (CAN CHEM 2; Chem 1A/1B=CAN CHEM SEQ A)

This course details fundamental theory and principles of atomic and molecular structure, physical states and chemical reactions. Included is the study of elements, compounds, periodic relationships, bonding, acids and bases, oxidation-reduction, energy, solutions, electrolytes and chemical equations. Descriptive chemistry of water and selected nonmetals including hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon is presented.


There will be no classes on Nov  12, 2014 ( Veterans. Day)
 El Camino College will be closed for Thanksgiving break Thurs and Friday Nov

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