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Math 270 Differential Equations and Linear Algebra 

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   Fall 2016


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Room: MBA 205

Tuesdays and Thursdays:  6:30 - 9:00 PM

Class policies, the lecture schedule, and homework assignments can be found using the link to the left. 


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OTHER HELP On the first floor of the MBA building, in MBA 115, there are computers with software that can help you study for this class. You can get more information in the lab itself. The lab hours should be posted on the door to the lab.

Some students enjoy studying in the MESA Study Center .  Because of its popularity, it will be necessary to limit the number of students who can use the Study Center.  You may have to fill out an application and be approved before you will be allowed to study there.

The Khan Academy has some math/science/finance videos posted on YouTube.  I have not watched many of them and can not vouch for their content, but they seem reasonable.  You can access the differential equations list of videos or the linear algebra (mostly simple matrix things) list by clicking on the relevant link.


COURSE OUTLINE OF RECORD  Here is a link to the Course Outline for Math 270.  This outline gives the details of what material is included in ALL Math 270 classes at El Camino College.  It also lists the course objectives, gives a suggested timeline, and indicates how students are to be evaluated.  The course outline is currently in the process of being revised, not that that will affect you.




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Useful Links

Mathematica for home use information

Graph Paper II

Common Math Errors - Eric Schechter, Vanderbilt University
Common Math Errors - Paul Dawkins

Khan Academy

US Bureau of Labor Statistics information on Engineering

US Bureau of Labor Statistics information on Mathematics

US Bureau of Labor Statistics information on Computer Science

Here is a link to the MIT linear algebra lectures of Dr. Strang.  That course is significantly different from our course, but some of the lectures will be relevant.




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