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Geography Programs in the Los Angeles Area

California State University, Dominguez Hills

California State University, Fullerton

California State University, Long Beach

California State University, Northridge

California State University, San Bernardino

Cal Poly Pomona

University of California, Los Angeles

Geography Programs in California

California State University, Chico

California State University, Fresno

California State University, Humbodlt

California State University, Sacramento 

California State University, San Diego

California State University, Stanislaus

University of California, Berkeley

University of California, Santa Barbara

Select Geography Programs in Other States

Arizona State University

Clark University

George Washington University

Louisiana State University

New York State University, Buffalo

Ohio State University

Texas A&M University

University of Colorado, Boulder

University of Hawaii, Manoa

University of Kentucky

University of Oregon

University of Washington

University of Wisconsin, Madison


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Professional Geography Organizations

Association of American Geographers

Association of Pacific Coast Geographers

California Geographical Society

Los Angeles Geographical Society

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Careers in Geography


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David Lantis Student Scholarship (CGS)

Community College and Upper Division Student Scholarships (LAGS)

El Camino College Geography Merit Award


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El Camino Geography Majors (past and present)

Duran Allison
Interests: physical and cultural geography, cartography, GIS, remote sensing
Transferring to: University of California, Los Angeles in Fall 2013
Statement: Nothing is better than being outdoors and experiencing every little thing that the world has to offer. Get out and explore! Don't forget it's about location, location, location!


James Bailey III
Interests: South Asia and the Middle East
Transferred to: Humboldt State University
Graduated: B.A. Geography, Winter 2012
Since finding my love for Geography, I have never felt more comfortable with my prospective careers. I feel that this field truly encapsulates major aspects of physical and cultural studies into a balanced approach. In the future, I hope to become involved in International Politics.

Bobby Borders
Interests: human geography, GIS
Transferred to: California State University, Long Beach
Graduating: Spring 2013
Statement: I will attend the School of Social Work at USC this fall for the MSW program. My main focus will be working with military and families. I would like to aggregate the disciplines of geography and sociology for future studies and incorporate GIS into my research. Further, I would like to become involved in the community, where knowledge of geography and society can really make a difference and impact the places where we all live.

Devin Darling
Interests: hydrology and GIS
Transferring to: California State University, Long Beach in Fall 2013
Statement: Aside from specializing in GIS, I have been pondering hydrology as well so that I can assist with the mapping and planning of water treatment systems and the movement of water from one place to the next. Water, along with food and oxygen, is one of the three things we as human beings simply cannot live without, so it would be a very fulfilling experience for me if I could be a part of such an endeavor.

Chris Jun
Interests: physical geography, GIS, geology
Transferring to: California State University, Long Beach in Fall 2013
Statement: The world of geography is vast and fulfilling. Your interest in geography can take you to countless places. Being a Marine veteran, I have been drawn to GIS and its potential that the DOD, or any other organization, may use. GIS has a huge advantage for its users, expanding their creativity and productivity. The Earth, our home, is beautiful and majestic. There's so much it has to offer, so get out there to explore, venture, and discover!

Yuki Konishi
Interests: cultural geography, environmental geography, sacred geographies, and geography of travel and tourism
Transferred to: California State University, Long Beach
Graduated: B.A. Geography, Spring 2008
Currently: Working in the travel industry
Statement: Study geography, and get out and explore!

Joshua Mayeda-Jones
Interests: physical geography, GIS certification
Transferred to: University of Colorado, Boulder in Spring 2013

Statement: GIS has such a broad range of uses that no matter what field you pursue, having knowledge and skills in Geographic Information Systems will be extremely beneficial. I am enjoying continuing my education in Boulder immensely. With the campus literally at the feet of the Rockies, the many earth science programs get to enjoy the convenience of doing much of their learning out "in the field". I hope to enter a career in geographic research and conservation, with the hopes that our contributions will help rehabilitate many areas of our national parks and forest and preserve them for our future generations.

Casey Catherine Miller
Interests: cultural geography, geography of tourism/sustainable tourism
Transferred to: University of California, Los Angeles
Graduated: B.A. Geography, 2012
Currently: Lives in Vienna, Austria and plans on attending graduate school in Europe.

Brian E. Nagy
Interests: cartography and GIS (geospatial data management, spatial analysis, geovisualization)
Transferred to: California State University, Long Beach
Graduated: B.A. Geography, 2008

Currently: I am in the geography graduate program at CSULB where I have been a GIS lab technician, tutor, and research assistant working on a variety of projects for the Department of Homeland Security, National Science Foundation, and geography and geology faculty. My thesis is focused on applications of GIS to emergency management in the Greater Los Angeles Area.

Yesenia Nunez
Interests: geography and global studies
Transferring to: California State University, Long Beach in Fall 2013
Statement: I am fascinated by different cultures, but reading about them is not enough. I would like to travel the world while teaching and showing the students the wonderful things the world has to offer. After obtaining my MA from CSULB I would like to teach geography for a few years in the city of Guadalajara near my hometown in Mexico.

Daniel Pearlman
Interests: physical geography, remote sensing, GIS
Transferred to: California State University, Dominguez Hills
Graduated: B.A. Earth and Environment, Spring 2012
Currently: M.A. student at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio


GIS Specialists

Audrey Ledford
Interests: remote sensing, cartography, technical illustration

Transferred to: California State University, Long Beach for GIS Certification
Graduated: B.A. Sociology, University of Southern California
                M.A. Public Administration, University of Southern California

: My specialty is looking at big picture geology, analysis of printed and visual data, and combining all information to draw a picture explaining how the geology developed and perhaps where it is headed. This includes fault analysis, and subduction zone history.


*If you are a past ECC Geography major and would like to be featured, email me.

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