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For the Fall 2017 semester

This is the entrance portal for Dr. Jung's Fall 2017 English 1A Distance Education class at El Camino College.

For general information, see these FAQs.

If you're already enrolled, you must log in to ETUDES after the semester starts, read the syllabus, and check a box acknowledging that you have read and accepted its terms by the end of the first week of classes. This must be done during the first week of class BY 11:59 PM OF September 1, 2017 AT THE LATEST OR YOU WILL BE DROPPED FROM THE COURSE.

Checking the acceptance box on the syllabus is your way of confirming your presence in the class and satisifies the requirement for contacting the instructor before the "first class meeting" (there is no actual meeting). With no exceptions, students who don't check the box by the deadline will be dropped.

If you are on the waitlist or would like to be on the waitlist, you can make your interest known by filling out this form.

This will not guarantee you a spot in the class but will make it possible. After September 1, 2017, I will drop students who never read/accepted the syllabus and give their spots away to those who have filled out the waitlist form. If you're one of the students selected to add, you will be notified by email promptly and automatically added to the class (so be sure to notify me if you change your mind and no longer want to be added).

For information about how to log in to ETUDES, see the El Camino Distance Education site








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