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CIS-13: Introduction to Computers

CIS - 13

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Class Information:

Section 3442
Lab (MW):  10.45a - 12.10p, COMM-309
Lec (MW):  12.15p - 1.20p(M), 12.15p - 1.05p(W), MCS-214

Section 3456
Lec (MW):   12.15p - 1.20p(M), 12.15p - 1.05p(W), MCS-214
Lab (MW):  1.25p - 2.50p(M), 1.10p - 2.35p(W), COMM-309

Section 3470
Lab (TueTh):  4.10p - 5.35p, COMM 205
Lec (TueTh):  5.45p - 6.50p(Tue), 5.45p - 6.35p(Th), MCS 214

Section 3476
Lec (TueTh):  5.45p - 6.50p(Tue), 5.45p - 6.35p(Th), MCS 214
Lab (TueTh):  7.00p - 8.25p(Tue), 6.40p - 8.05p(Th), COMM 205

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Course Policies: Students coming late and/or leaving early will lose attendance and class participation points.  Any unexplained absences will also result in a reduction of points and lowering of overall grade.  Students are expected to behave in a professional, respectful and courteous manner; it is extremely important that discipline is maintained in class to ensure a healthy learning environment that is mutually beneficial to all students.  Students will lose 1% point for each unexcused absence.  Two lates will be counted as one absence.  Attendance may be taken multiple times to ensure student participation.

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Please see the professor if you need a copy of the syllabus.

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Homework will be assigned every week in the lab.

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Course Material:

  • Understanding Computers, 15th Edition, ISBN.
  • New Perspectives on Microsoft. 
  • USB 2.0 Flash disk (512 MB or higher).

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Online Resources:

Textbook website

An excellent website for free wi-fi wireless hotspots and wireless internet security.

If you are using a version of Microsoft Office older than 2007, you will need to download this compatibility pack to open your 2010 documents. 

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