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Child Development 4 
Survey of Children with Special Needs

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Class Information
Tuesday and Thursday
11:15 a.m. to 12:40 p.m.
ARTB 313

Prerequisite: Child Development 3 with a grade of C or better.

Required Text:  Exceptional Children and Youth - 4th Edition by Nancy Hunt and Kathleen Marshall


Catalog Description

This course offers an overview of the causes, characteristics, prevalence and needs of children with mild to severe physical, cognitive and behavioral problems.  Other topics include the identification of community agencies for referral and case management, inclusion of children with special needs into mainstream classrooms, and the special needs of gifted and talented children.  Students will observe local programs that serve children with special needs


Course Objectives

  • Identify causes of physical, learning, behavioral, and emotional problems of children.
  • Investigate, observe, and analyze various programs for children with special needs and compare approaches.
  • Evaluate the types of testing and criteria for identifying children with special needs.
  • Analyze the classification criteria of children with special needs and determine the specific programs that will meet their needs.
  • Design and practice strategies to communicate with parents of children with special needs.

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Course Policies



You are allowed a maximum of 5 absences or you will be dropped from this class.  If your 6th absence is after the college drop date you will receive an “F.” 

 If you decide to drop it is your responsibility to notify the college.

Course Folders

Each student is given a course folder.  Please pick up  class folder at the beginning of each class meeting and initial your attendance. If you are late you may pick up your folder and sign in after class.  Please leave your folder in class at all times.



There will be five multiple choice exams in this class.  All exams are open-book and open-note.  You may only make-up one exam.  You must take the texam prior to the test being returned to the class. Contact  me  via phone or email immediately if you are unable to attend class on a test day.



All assignments must be turned in on time.  Ten points per week will be deducted for all late assignments regardless of the reason it is late.  


College-Level Writing

Papers must be college-level and edited for spelling and grammar. If a paper has too many errors it will be returned to you so that you can edit and then resubmit it. If you are having trouble you can meet with a tutor at the Learning Resources Center in the library, or go to the El Camino Writing Center. Well-developed writing skills are essential to your success in college.


Communication is Key

If you are struggling with or have a question about any of the concepts that I am presenting in class please do not hesitate to talk to me about it. We can talk on the phone, you can fax me, e-mail me, meet during my office hours, or you can make an appointment. If you are an ESL student, or if you have any areas that you need assistance please contact me so that we can develop some strategies to help you make this a valuable learning experience.


Academic Integrity and Classroom Behavior

It is expected that you will do your own work. Cheating on an exam or plagiarizing an author will NOT be tolerated. It is expected that you will turn of your cell phone, be attentive in class, and respect the opinions of your classmates.



Your grade is based on the following:

Attendance and participation

 160 points 

Exams (5 Exams - 40 mulitple choice questions
Exams are open-book

Observation in a Special Education Classroom  100
Video Analysis Report  100
In-Class Group Workshop Presentation  100
 Total Possible Points  660



 Grading Scale
 594-660 = A
 528 - 593 = B
 462 - 527 = C
 396 - 461 = D
 Below 396 = F


Assignment Instructions and Downloadable Files

Grading Sheet

 Schedule and Assignment Due Dates
 Special Education Classroom Observation
 Video Analysis Project Instructions
 Group Workshop Instructions
 Group Workshop Self-Evaluation Form
 Extra Credit Opportunities
 Peer Evaluation Sample Form


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Instructor: Janet Young
310 660-3613

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