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Math 73 - Intermediate Algebra - HYBRID
Section 4828 and Section 4829
- Fall 2015 -

Math 73-HYBRID

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Mona Lisa

Class Information:

Class Time:
Section 4828 - Tuesday (4pm-6:20pm)
Section 4829 - Thursday (4pm-6:20pm) 

Location: MBA 313 

Textbook:  Intermediate Algebra – Functions and Authentic Applications ; by Jay Lehmann 


Course Description: This course reviews introductory algebraic concepts, and includes the study of real numbers, the solutions ad applications of linear equations and inequalities as well as systems of linear equations, and introduces coordinate graphing of linear equations, factoring techniques, and simplification of rational and radical expressions, and the solution of quadratic equations.   

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Course Policies:

 Be prepared to work: In other words, please bring a pencil or pen with NOTES (that have been given to you in class or printed from the MATH 73 website). One copy will be given to you. If you are absent or late, please make sure you print the notes BEFORE coming to class. Class notes can be found on MyMathLab.


On EXAM DAYS, please bring all necessary material: pencil, eraser, CALCULATOR. You will not be allowed to share materials during exams

Do not talk unnecessarily in class, BUT do ask questions and participate in discussion.

Turn off all cellular phones before entering the classroom and DO NOT make phone calls in the classroom. YES …. Even if I’m not lecturing. Step outside the classroom to make important calls

Please be ON-TIME. Excessive tardiness disrupts the classroom. If you disrupt my classroom, a report will be filed with the division Mathematical Sciences as well as with the school.


Attendance: Students are expected to attend  classes regularly.  Students whose absences exceed 10% of the scheduled class meeting time may be dropped by the instructor. *

 *The Attendance Policy as stated in the Catalog is as follows:  Students whose absences exceed 10% of the scheduled class meeting time may be dropped by the instructor (for a 3 or 4 unit course – 10% is approximately 3 classes).  However, students are responsible for dropping a class within the deadlines published in the class schedule. 


Regular attendance is essential for success in this class and is a requirement to remain enrolled.  


Excessive absence and tardiness may lead to being dropped from class. If you are absent 5 classes, you may be dropped from the class. Excessive tardiness is NOT ok.

If you are late to class, it will be counted as ½ of an absent.


If you stop attending class or wish to drop the class, you must drop the class yourself officially by phone, internet or in person.

Failure to do so may result in a grade of “F” in the class.


Students are responsible for all announcements and activities done in class regardless of their presence. It is a good idea to exchange phone numbers with a few trusted fellow classmates in case you are absent from class. This also includes handouts given in class. If you are absent, please do NOT ask for notes or activities during class or minutes before class. 


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Syllabus and Tentative Schedule:



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Go to 
MyMathlab (MML) to complete your homework. Assignments and due dates can be found  your MML account. Check the course syllabus for course ID.

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 Course Material:

Required: MyMathlab access code and a scientific calculator

Optional BUT RECOMMENDED: TI83/84 

TI83/84 calculator 

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 Online Resources: (list related websites as links)



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