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I spent 6 years in Northern Califonia. Four of those years I was at UC DAVIS and loved it. In 2001, I graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Mathematics and after graduation I decided to go into the workforce and try the world outside school. I spent the remaining 2 years working with an agriculture company, traveled a little and did absolutely NO MATH.




UCI Mascot  I realized that my life was meaningless without math (ok .. a little dramatic but you get the idea :)) and I also missed sunny SoCal so... I came back and moved to the OC where I attended UC IRVINE for two years. I received my Master of Science in Math from UCI where I also worked as a TA  and realized that teaching was my "calling". After graduation I worked as a part-time instructor at various community colleges: Pierce College in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles Valley College in Sheman Oaks, Santiago Canyon College in the OC, and El Camino College. Now, I work here at ECC full-time. 
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Last Published 9/21/17