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Kristy Loesener

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Class Information:

Contemporary Health 1               Phone:  310-660-3652

Office: P.E. Building-Room 219
                Office Hours Vary - See Instructor

Course Policies:


Test 1 (Chapters 1-3)                            80 points

Test 2 (Chapters 7-8)                            80 points                  

Test 3 (Chapters 9-11)                          80 points

Test 4 (Chapters 4-6)(Open book)        80 points

Research Paper (3-5 pages, typed,      50 points
              due _______ ) MLA style.

Attendance                                           80 points
                                                             450 points

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Textbook:  Insel & Roth. Core Concepts in Health. (Brief Edition), Mountain
      View, CA, Mayfield Publishing Co., 2006.

Course Overview:  The purpose of this class is to give the student insight into the
      various aspects of personal health and wellness.  The student will gain an
      understanding of the application of health and wellness principles in one's life as a
      matter of personal responsibility.  The course will be conducted as a combination 
      of lectures, discussions, and other in-class activities.

  1.  The student will be able to define "health" & "wellness" in a modern perspective.
  2.  The student will be conversant on current health issues/topics.
  3.  The student will be able to enhance his/her own health status.
  4.  The class will promote a better self-understanding by comprehending the primary
       functions and structures of the human body as they relate to health and disease

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Exra credit and homework assignments are given in class throughout the semester.

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Course Material:

Points Evaluation:

      405 - 450 = A
      360 - 404 = B
      315 - 359 = C
      270 - 314 = D
      269 and below = F

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Online Resources:

 Various websites are available. Do a search for specific topics.

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