Principles of Biology I


Welcome to Biology 101!

This course is a survey of eukaryotic organisms, their evolution and ecology. You will have a thorough exposure to plant and animal anatomy and physiology, and will utilize animal dissection in the lab. You will be expected to complete a scientific project and the presentation of results as a written scientific paper.

This course is for biology majors. The prerequisites for this class is Chem 4 (or concurrent enrollment in Chem 1A).

Section 1152 has been designated for honors students. You do not have to be enrolled in the honors program to take this class. In addition to the regular work required for Bio 101, the honors course will include an additional project.

Office hours: Monday and Wednesday 1:00-2:30 NATS-110



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Required Lab text:

Vodopich & Moore. Biology Laboratory Manual. 11th ed.


Recommended materials:

- Electronic device



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