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Biology 10: Fundamentals of Biology -  Dr. Lisa Humphries

Bio 10
Dr. Lisa Humphries
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Sea-lions at San SimeonClass Information:

Bio 10, Section 1082
Room: NATS 127
Lecture/Lab:  M, W 8:00 am - 11:50 am

Office Hours: By appointment

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Course Policies: 

It's ON! (see the Ecology Petri Dish Section below for my beach clean-up
    dates and times)

This Summer - A Whale of a Tale :

A most tragic and amazing sight appeared on shore at Rincon Beach, up by Ventura this summer. A FIN WHALE washed on shore.  He/She was already dead prior to landing on the beach.   This magnificent animal is the second largest mammal in existence next to the great blue whale (the largest mammal to ever live).  This particular lovely creature was 52 ft. long!  They are baleen whales, with huge broom-bristle like teeth to capture its favorite food, small fish and brine shrimp (remember the whale in Finding Nemo? - yeah, like that!).         

Although the whale was dead, I'm sure this was the only opportunity I would ever have had to see this great animal or it's kind, up close (dead or alive).  And considering they are endangered, photographs may the only way to see them in the future.  Biologists are investigating the animals death, it may have been due to recent red-tide toxins, military sonar testing, or even being hit by a ship...but hopefully it was simple natural causes.  Don't forget, if you ever see a live sick or aggressive sea mammal, call 1-800-39-WHALE to help them. 

Aside of this sadness, the ocean is currently clear of any red tide and GORGEOUS and FUN!  I've been doing the "sting-ray shuffle" to avoid stepping on our little sting-ray friends in the shallows (and watching them swim gracefully by my feet) and respectfully observing and not disturbing sealions and dolphins playing in the waves close to me.  Hope you all get to get out there for some sand and surf! 

-and help keep the earth and oceans clean for us and our friends with our simple steps: 
no litter, no oil, pack trash tightly, no litter, cut 6-pack rings, recycle...and no litter!


Ecology Petri-Dish
Everyone must participate in the ecology petri-dish.
Instead writing ANOTHER paper, this is your chance to get out of the classroom and see all those plants
and animals you've seen on screen and in jars for REALSIES! 
There are several ongoing restoration projects and monthyly clean-up efforts
you can choose from, plus I will offer some of my own on several weekend mornings.
Check out the websites listed under "on-line resources: for some ideas and project dates.  
May I suggest.......

* a day at the beach!  Head out to one of the many beaches listed by
"heal the bay"  (or with me) for a 1-2hr. beach clean up.  Warm sun and sand, cool water and breezes
this is a perfect outdoor day to protect the fish and dolphins that live in our
coastal community from eating plastic bags and cups...they can choke and die. They can't
pick up trash (and i guarentee THEY didn't put it there!) or clean their water, so let's help 'em out!

Bio10 Beach Clean-up days with Dr. Humphries
Sunday, October 30th from 10am-noon, we will be cleaning up at Dockweiler Beach
To get there:  Drive West on the 105 or Imperial Highway....take either all the way to the beach,
both will literally end at the beach - there is a parking lot there, but DO NOT go in....
Instead, turn left onto "Vista Del Mar" (headed South, ocean will be on your right) and continue further down to the next large parking lot.  Park there, use metered parking it's cheaper! You will see a large sign there for a beach cafe, I will meet you there.  The latest you may arrive is 11am for this event.

I have gloves and trash bags, so just bring comfortable clothes for walking in the sand.  If it is raining the
clean-up will be cancelled, however, if it is only lightly sprinkling.....it's on. 

Sat. Sept. 17th (9am-12)  at just about every beach in So. Cal.!
Sat. Oct. 15th (10am-12pm) at Venice Beach at the pier
Sat. Oct 29th (9am-1:30pm) Malibu Creek clean up (water goes to ocean)
Sat. Nov. 19th (10am-12pm) Playa Del Rey (TOES)

*a day in the garden!  Head out to a marsh or restorative garden project to clean-up,
plant, and rebuild natural habitats for plants, chirpy birds, ducks, wild bunnies, and many other
animals that lost their homes due to human negligence or destruction. 

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Fall 2005: Fundamentals of Biology

Section 1082    Biology 10     4-Units


Welcome!  This course will introduce you to the basic theories and principles of biology as we know them today.  By the end, it is my hope that you will have gained a strong basic understanding of biology and how it impacts every single aspect of your day to day life.  Additionally I hope you will discover a new-found appreciation for the miracle of life around you and for those who dedicate their lives to unlocking its mysteries.  


Lecture Text:   Required.  Inquiry into Life, 10th or 11th Edition, Mader

Lab Text:  Required.  Biology Laboratory


Point Summary:                  50%  -  Lecture Exams

                                                30%  -  Lab Practicums

                                                  5%  -  Lecture Homework

                                                  5%  -  Lab Assignments

                                                10%  -  The Petri Dish




Grading Summary:             A         100 - 90%

                                                B          89 - 80%

                                                C         79 - 70%

                                                D         69 – 59%

                                                F          58– 00%




-                     Lecture:  Selected homework problems will be assigned from the text book at the conclusion of each chapter and due at the beginning of the following class.


-                     Lab:  Laboratory work and participation (including “The Petri Dish”) will constitute 45% of your grade, so attendance and completion of assignments is mandatory in order to pass.  Lab assignments will be due on the day of OR following the completion of the lab exercise according the professor.  Extra precaution must be taken in any laboratory at all times, therefore: no food or drink will be allowed in the room and proper dress is strongly suggested.  Nothing ruins your favorite clothes (or skin) worse than formaldehyde, bleach, or little bits of intestines (it also doesn’t feel good between the toes, refrain from flip-flops)

-                     The Petri Dish:  “The Petri Dish” is a lab exercise designed to study current applications of basic biology principles and expound upon them and their impact in our lives.  Various topics have been selected (Cancer, Stem-cell research, etc.) and each student will be expected to write a brief one page review on each subject.  To allow for research and preparation, assignments will briefly be discussed several days before they are due.  The ability to demonstrate a practical understanding and the implications of a subject correlates with effective learning, therefore, “The Petri Dish” is worth 10% of your total grade.


-                     Attendance:  Attendance will be taken daily.  Students are expected to attend every lecture and lab meeting, arrive on time, and stay for the duration, unless previously discussed with the professor.  In your interest, this course is composed of singular lectures, labs, and participation events so your presence will be synergistically beneficial to your grade.  Please note, excessive tardiness or absences will result in a lowering of your overall grade or expulsion from the course in accordance with school policy.


-                     Exams:  Lecture and lab exams will be composed of multiple choice, matching, and short answer questions.  Lab exams (practicums) will also require you to both identify and understand specific items on a model or specimen, so take (and sketch) good lab notes!


-                     Cheating:  Cheating is defined as using anything other than your own brain’s stored-memories on an exam (unless specified by the professor) and is 100% intolerable – besides you’re smarter than that.


-                     Questions, Concerns, etc:  I LOVE biology, and I want you to enjoy it as much as I do, so if you have any concerns or need clarification, please do not hesitate to raise your hand in class or see me after class.  Office hours can be arranged each week for further discussion and I can also be reached for questions via email at lhumphri@ucla.edu.   




Be good to science and science will be good to you.

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Fundamentals of Biology Fall 2005
Section 1082    Biology 10     4-Units Dr. L. Humphries
Week Date Lecture Topic Chapters Lab Exercise
1 29-Aug Introduction: Diversity, Taxonomy, Cells 1,2, 27.5 Hand-Out
  31-Aug Cells: Molecular and Chemical basics 2,3 Lab 2
2 5-Sept *** Holiday ***    
  7-Sept Cells: Structures and Functions 3,4 Lab 3
3 12-Sept Cells: Division, DNA and Protein Synthesis 5 Lab 4
  14-Sept Cells: Respiration, Energy and Photosynthesis 6,7, begin 8 Lab 5 and Petri Dish
4 19-Sept Test I: 8-29 through 9-12 only   Lab 11
  21-Sept Cells: Photosynthesis, cont.;  Microbiology 8; 28 Lab 12
5 26-Sept Plants: Intro and Organization  29, 9, 10 Lab 6
  28-Sept Test II: 9-14 through 9-21 only  Lab 16 (inheritence)
6 3-Oct Plants: Growth and Development, Overview 10, 27 Lab Practicum 1
  5-Oct Evolution: Basics and Theory 27 (28); 30   The Petri Dish
7 10-Oct Lower chordates 30 Bacteria and Algae
  12-Oct Test III: Botany 9-26 through 10-5 Lab 23 and 24
8 17-Oct Lower and Higher chordates 31, 32 Protista and Fungi
  19-Oct Higher chordates; Human Organization 32, 11, 19 Lab 25 and 26
9 24-Oct Test IV: Evolution, Low and High Chordates    Seedless Plants
  26-Oct Human: Digestive and Excretory 12, 16  Lab 25 and Petri Dish
10 31-Oct Human: Cardiovascular and Respiratory 13, 15 Lab Practicum II
  2-Nov Human: Nervous System and Senses 17, 18 Lab 26 (Seed plants)
11 7-Nov Human: Lymphatic and Immune 14 Plant Organization
  9-Nov Human: Reproductive and Endocrine 20, 21 Lab 9
12 14-Nov Human: Overview (exam review) Porifera and Cnideria
  16-Nov Test V: 10-26 through 11-14 Lab 35
13 21-Nov Development, Aging and Genetics  22, 23 Lab Practicum III
  23-Nov Genetics, cont.  24, 25 Flat and Rounds Worms
14 28-Nov Genetics 25,26 Molluscs: Lab 37
  30-Nov Ecology 33, 34 Arthropods: Lab 38
15 5-Dec Test VI: 5-16 through 5-23 only  Annelids: Lab 37
  7-Dec Ecology  35, 36 Echinoderms: Lab 38
16 12-Dec Ecology : Petri Dish Saving Earth DUE!   Chordates: LAb 29
  14-Dec Test VII: Ecology and general biology Lab Practicum IV

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Course Material:

Links to Lectures *you must have Power Point to open these file!*

Exam I: Chemistry, Molecules, and Cell Structures and Function
week 1
week 2
week 3

Exam II: Cellular Respiration, Energy and Photosynthesis
week 3 (see previous week 3 link)
week 4

Exam III: Microbiology and Botany

Exam IV: Evolution Lectures

The Human Body
4.18.05 Virus
4.20.05 Histology and Digestion
4.25.05 Excretion and Cardiovascular
4.27.05 Respiration and Nervous
4.27.05 Senses
5.2.05 Immune System
5.9.05 Endocrine and Reproduction

5.16.05 Development and Aging
5.18.05 Genetics

5.23.05 Chromosomes

6.1.05 Biomes
6.6.05 The Ecosystem and Human Interference
6.8.05 Conservation and Biodiversity



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Online Resources:

Lead by example: you don't have to give money or travel with
National Geographic to help protect and save animals, you can do it right here by
simply donating a couple hours some morning...the birds, fishies,
seals and dolphins will thank you! (it's free and you'll feel so good for giving!)
www.tprd.torrnet.com/marsh.htm  (Madrona Marsh home site)
 (Ballona Marsh info.)

Make a splash without getting wet! see brilliant life UNDER the sea!
for info on the Santa Monica pier aquarium

Get wild! See the amazing animals in our world up close!

Awesome autotrophs! You'd never guess what gorgeous and wierd plants
exist....go see them and breath deeply (then thank them for the O2!)


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