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Office Hours:

By Appointment........
Please see me in class OR contact me by email to
arrange a date and time.  Before class (7am-8am Monday and Wed.) as well as Friday mornings are typical. 
BUT, you MUST make an appointment to guarentee a meeting at any time.



yosemite valley A Whale of a Tale!
A 52 ft. Fin Whale washed on shore near Ventura Beach this summer - this majestic animal is the second largest animal on earth!  Please see the class home page for more information. Remember, if you see a whale or any sea mammal/animal stuck on shore, do not try to move or help the animal yourself, instead call: 1-800-39-WHALE - they will try to save the sick animal (unlike animal control)

 Fish out of water!   Keep up on the latest Grunion runs!    Head to the beach around midnight and watch hundreds of little fish leave the water to lay eggs in the sand and swim away!  Go to www.grunion.org to see estimated run dates.
(don't forget, always be a kind and silent observer!)

Visit these online site to help keep our oceans clean and safe for
all the animals in it! www.healthebay.org and www.surfrider.org

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