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Nursing 155
Leila Miranda-Lavertu

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Class Information:

Nursing 155
Little Company of Mary - Torrance

Mondays 1600-1700 

Students will develop and utilize health assessment skills necessary to care for clients.  The focus will be on describing normal findings and common abnormalities observed in physical assessments of clients.  Students will perform physical assessments, explain the pathophysiology of common abnormalities, and document assessment findings.

Course Policies:

Course expectations include attendance and experiential learning.  Students must successfully pass the final practical examination to complete the course. 

The standard nursing criteria will be utilized in the calculation of all grades.  The minimum grade points are as follows

92-100%  A

83-87% B

77-78% C

65-72% D

90-91%  A-

81-82% B-

75-76% C-

63-64% D-

88-89%  B+

79-80% C+

73-74% D+

62% or less F

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Please click here to view the course syllabus in Microsoft Word.

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Assignments and Evaluations

Four short 10 point quizzes will be given at the beginning of specified labs.  The content of each quiz will relate to the readings assigned for that day.  Students who arrive late will not be able to make up missed quizzes.  Each quiz will be worth 10 points (10% of grade). 

Complete and accurate documentation of assessment findings completed during clinical labs. There will be a total of 8 (eight) documentation assignments each worth 5 points for a total of 40 points (40% of grade).

FINAL PRACTICUM (Pass/Fail): This consists of performing a head to toe exam within 15 minutes.  Students must pass this in order to pass the class. 


Quizzes 4                                                         40% 

Health History                                                  20%

Weekly lab documentation                                40%

Total                                                               100%

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Online Resources: 

American Nurses Association - http://nursingworld.org/
California Board of Registered Nurses - http://www.rn.ca.gov/

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