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    Respiratory Care Program Director's Page

Louis M. Sinopoli,EdD,RRT,FAARC

This website and the class team sites are designed to help the students in my classes succeed in the respiratory care program. This site is also used to inform those looking for admission info as well as for special announcements or reminders throughout the semester. The site is also used to communicate with current students or applying students when classes are not in session or the team sites are down. This site's course materials are reserved exclusively for the use of the students enrolled in the respiratory care program and related courses here at El Camino College. 

Notices about RC Admission:


To all students who applied for admission this semester:

If all information on applications we received is accurate, all students who submitted an application have passed the first step and are admitted to the program. Watch this space for information on the next step if you were one of the students who submitted an application for Sum13 admission to the RC program.

You should enroll in the summer RC courses 176 & 295 ASAP, once you enroll we will schedule the last step, the fingerprint Livescan screen. You will be then be instructed to report to one of our clinical affiliates for the Livescan fingerprinting. We will notify you, do not contact any clinical affiliates until we have posted the instructions in this space.

Check this space frequently over the next 2 weeks for important information new students need to know. Congratulations...Dr.S 

Check your grades if you had an IP course & you did not get C or better your application will not be accepted, you can not be admitted. 



Use this file to help you understand the admission process and prepare properly. The next admission period will be in the Spring of 2014, for admission to summer 2014 RC-176 and Program.  

Once you download and extract files, open READMeFirst file and read it first :-)  

Call or txt or email me if you have any questions. (909.641.9800)

Dr. S 



Those wishing to apply for admission to the Summer 2013 class will have to meet the new admission requirements.  These requirements and the official application are posted on the left side of this page.

NEW RC Program Curriculum and Admission Info Link

RC program Pre-reqs to admission.  

Caution, the information in the FAQ file below is always being updated.  

Program FAQ File No we DO NOT have a waiting list anymore, 2012 was the last year for waiting lists. From this point on there will be no waiting lists generated. Applicants will be accepted based on merit and preparation.


If like any good respiratory therapist or educator, you believe a trend is more valuable for decision-making then a single snapshop, look below for NBRC properly reported data:

Click here for six years of data!

The above data is on the entry-level program which graduated its last class in June 2012. The first advanced-level graduates from ECC in over 10 years have just graduated in December 2012. Their Exam data will be published by June 2013(6 months after graduation). Next advanced class will graduate June 2014. 

Dr. S

The El Camino College Respiratory Care program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care (www.coarc.com).

Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care

1248 Harwood Road Bedford, Texas 76021-4244

(817) 283-2835

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