Downloads for ECC Classes, Students & Clinical Faculty:

(See  Directions Below 1st if Needed, all files may not be available, contact me if you have a problem or question, Dr.S)

RC Clinical Preceptor Files: 

                   Clinical Preceptor &  Student Handbook PDF

Development Focused Clinical Instruction PDF        DFCI Post Test for CEU


  Special File: Life on a Train...

Acrobat Reader.Executable File



To download to your computer, point at file and right-click, select "save target as" and then use the save dialog box to save it to a location on your computer.

If you left-click the file you will be able to view it through your internet connection but you will not have a copy on your computer to review later.

In either case, if you do not have Acrobat Reader on your computer  you must download the "Acrobat Reader" file and then double click it to install on your computer before you can view the PDF files.  The text files will automatically be viewed in windows notebook program by double-clicking either of them.

The above files are best downloaded over a network or high-speed connection, some are large files and a dialup connection from home may take awhile..

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Last Updated: 7/5/13