Division of     Mathematical Sciences

Math 150 Elementary Statistics, Hybrid, 4830
Spring, 2014 -  Instructor: Lijun Wang
Email:  lwang@elcamino.edu
Office loation: MBA 323

Lijun Wang

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This is a Hybrid Class, NOT a completely online class. Weekly attendance is required. 

Onsite Lecture: Friday 8:30am - 10:30am @ MBA 120 

Office Hours: MTuWTh: 7:55am-8:25am, 9:45am-10:00am, 11:15am-11:30am 

                        F: 7:00am - 8:30am; 10:35-11:05pm     

Professor Lijun Wang, Office: MBA 323

Textbook:  Elementary Statistics,12nd edition, by Triola. A hard copy is used in ALL class sessions.

Course information is available in your myECC account throughout the semester with updates.

Prerequisite:  Mathematics 73 or 80 with a minimum grade of C, or qualification by El Camino College Mathematics Placement Test and assessment.

Catalog Description:

This course includes calculation and analysis of statistical parameters with hand-held calculator and with statistical software for personal computers. Topics covered include measures of central tendency and variability, normal and binomial distributions, sets, intervals, hypothesis testing, chi-square analysis, analysis of variance, linear regression and correlation, and non-parametric tests.

Course Objectives:

1.      Describe the various types of data and sampling techniques;

2.      Draw histograms, frequency distributions, stem and leaf plots and pie charts to graphically describe data.

3.      Calculate the measures of central tendency, variation and position from a given set of data.

4.      Calculate the probability of a given event.

5.      Perform parametric and non-parametric hypothesis tests using the classical and probability (P-value) methods

6.      Calculate the regression line and correlation coefficient for a given set of bivariate data.

7.      Perform selected tasks (corresponding to #1 through #7 above) using statistical software.

Source: http://www.elcamino.edu/academics/mathsciences/math150.html

Student Learning Objectives:  Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to:


  1. From data or bivariate data, compute statistics and develop displays of the data that illustrate the measures of central tendency, variation, relative position, and correlation and interpret the displays and statistics in context.
  2. Compute interval estimates and develop hypothesis tests for a variety of parameters.
  3. Compute probability of an event for elementary events and understand the role of probability in computing interval estimates and hypothesis tests.
  4. Understand ways data can be distributed and how that affects its use developing confidence intervals and hypothesis testing.
  5. Perform nonparametric tests.


Attendance: You may be dropped for ONE of the following reasons:

You have not registered in coursecompass.com by September 16, 2013 to start doing homework.

  1. You have two consecutive absences.
  2. You miss two exams.  Students are responsible for any material/announcements missed in class regardless of their presence including being aware of your status in the class.  


Withdrawal from the class through the Admissions Office is the student's responsibility.

Academic Integrity: Students are responsible to inform themselves of College policies regarding the Code of Academic Integrity. Any incident of cheating will be brought to the immediate attention of the Academic dean and appropriate actions will be taken including receiving an F grade for the course.  A report will be filed with the Campus Disciplinarian. 


ADA Statement: El Camino College is committed to providing educational accommodations for students with disabilities upon the timely request by the student to the instructor.  A student with a disability, who would like to request an academic accommodation, is responsible for identifying herself/himself to the instructor and to the Special Resources Center. To make arrangements for academic accommodations, contact the Special Resources center.

Online Homework at coursecompass.com:

What you need:

1. Internet connection.

2. Access code: student responsibility.

3. Course ID: TBA

Online Discussions are held at Etude.org

How to get started with online homework:

1. Purchase the bundle at ECC bookstore - a great deal, 3 items for one price: a copy of new text book with an access code and solution manual; OR

2. Purchase an access code on line.

Grades/Methods of Evaluation:




  Online Homework 





@ coursecompass.com.


  Online Quizzes 

  Discussion @ Etude


 Minimum of two postings weekly in Etude discussion is required.


In class quizzes (10)


Based on homework and text, see schedule below.

In class Tests (4)


One hour each test, based on text, homework and quizzes.

Final Exam


Comprehensive exam for two hours. 





A: 90 - 100%; B: 80 - 89%; C: 70 - 79%; D: 60 - 69%; F: under 60%
























Study Chapter 1 & 2



Jan 24  


Activity/Lecture/Extra Credits








Study Chapter 2 &3



Jan 31 
Quiz #1


Lecture/Activity/Extra Credits








Review Chapter 1,2,3



Feb 7     Test


Activity/Extra Credits








Study Chapter 4 (4-1 - 4-5, 4.7)

Feb 14
    Quiz #2

Lecture/Activity/Extra Credits








Study Chapter 5 (5-1 - 5.4)



Feb 21   Quiz #3


Lecture/Activity/Extra Credits








Review Chapter 4 & 5.



Feb 28.          Quiz #4


Lecture/Activity/Extra Credits








Review Chapter 4 & 5



Mar 7 Test
Lecture/Activity/Extra Credits








Study Chapter 6



Mar. 14         Quiz #5


Lecture/Activity/Extra Credits








Study Chapter 7



Mar. 28    
Quiz #6


Lecture/Activity/Extra Credits








Review Chapter 6 & 7



Apr. 4 


Lecture/Activity/Extra Credits








Study Chapter 8



Apr. 11       Quiz


Lecture/Activity/Extra Credits








Study Chapter 9



Apr. 18    
Quiz #8


Lecture/Activity/Extra Credits








Review Chapter 8 &  9



Apr. 25 


Lecture/Activity/Extra Credits








Study Chapter 10 & 11



May 2        Quiz #10


Lecture/Activity/Extra Credits








Study Chapter 12 & 13



May 9    
 Quiz #11


Lecture/Activity/Extra Credits











May 16 


Final Exam


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