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Nursing 254  

Nursing 254
Monica Gross

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Class Information:

Nursing 254
Room: TA101N
Monday: 8:00-12:15

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Course Description:

This course focuses on pathophysiologic concepts and nursing management essential to critical care and emergency nursing.  Clients with acute and chronic cardiopulmonary, hepatic, renal, and multi-system failure will be selected for critical care clinical experiences.  Leadership and management skills are introduced and applied in the clinical setting.  Students apply the nursing process and prioritize nursing care for a group of clients with multiple need imbalances.  The role of the nurse in the management of client care following a disaster is presented

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Student Responsibilities:

Students will be responsible for arriving to lecture and clinical on time, having completed reading assignments.  Students will be responsible for reviewing previously learned material for class.  Students are encouraged to take an active role in their own teaching.    

The student is responsible for demonstrating all behavioral objectives of the course.  Clinical evaluation is based on demonstrated ability to achieve all course objectives by the last day of classes.  Course expectations include attendance and experiential learning.

The student is expected to utilize the library, learning resource center, and the CAI lab.  The student is also expected to arrive at the clinical agency in proper attire and prepared to meet specific objectives.  The student is expected to focus on meeting objectives while attending clinic.

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Spring 2008 Assignment and Examination Schedule:

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Grades: Will be updated.

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