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Nursing 255

Mary Moon

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Course Information:

Overview: This module utilizes the theoretical and clinical experiences that the student has had throughout the ADN program.  The focus of this course is to assist the student, inactive registered nurse, or foreign nurse in transition to the role of staff nurse in a hospital environment.  Students will function in the roles of provider of care, manager of care, and as a member of the profession.  Students work with registered nurse preceptors to further their organizational abilities, decision making, and technical skills in the delivery of nursing care.   

 In order be able to take the NCLEX-RN, N255 students must achieve a score of 66 or higher on this Exit Exam.  Research reveals that 90% of students who achieve 66 or above on the test will successfully pass the NCLEX-RN on their first attempt. The El Camino College (ECC) Nursing Faculty wants all El Camino nursing students to pass the NCLEX on the first attempt!


Also your are required to have the ERI CRITICAL THINKING EXAM AT THE SATISFACTORY LEVEL (above average). Critical thinking is demonstrated by safe and effective management of a group of clients and appropriate delegation of nursing personnel.  Students will complete 135 hours of clinical experience over four weeks, following the preceptor’s schedule.  By the end of the preceptorship, the student is expected to assume full responsibility of the client’s assigned to the student.  This experience assists the student to make a smooth transition from the learner role to the entry level registered nurse role in a realistic clinical setting.  Opportunities will be provided to implement leadership and management skills as well as decision-making and priority setting, utilizing legal and ethical principles.

COURSE NUMBER: Nursing 255

Clinical Site: Little Company of Mary Hospital and Torrance Memorial Medical Center

Schedule: Individual preceptor's working schedule



Students will be responsible for arriving to clinical on time. Students will be responsible for reviewing previously learned material for clinical experience. Students are encouraged to take an active role in their own teaching.

The student is responsible for demonstrating all behavioral objectives of the course. Clinical evaluation is based on demonstrated ability to achieve all course objectives by the last day of clinical experience. Course expectations include attendance and experiential learning.

The student is expected to utilize the library, learning resource center, and the CAI lab. The student is also expected to arrive at the clinical agency in proper attire and prepared to meet specific objectives. The student is expected to focus on meeting objectives while attending clinic.


Faculty office hours for full-time faculty is posted on faculty offices. Students should communicate with the clinical instructor while clinical instructor makes round each time or call /email to your instructor(s). Students are expected to contact the lead instructor if they are unable to resolve an issue with their clinical instructor. All students and faculty have El Camino College E-mail addresses.


Course expectations include attendance and experiential learning. Punctuality is a professional expectation. Two (2) times late to clinic will be counted as one absence. No more than two absences are permitted. Faculty will evaluate extenuating circumstances on an individual basis. Students MUST notify the assigned clinical unit/instructor/preceptor of and anticipated absence or tardy at least one-half hour prior to their scheduled time.

The student must provide the faculty with documentation to validate the absence. If the documentation is inappropriate or invalid, the student will receive a grade of "F" for the course.


The hospital clinical experience will be graded on Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory basis.

The clinical evaluation tool will be utilized for the four week clinical experience. Students are held responsible for competence in all previous objectives. If practice or review is needed for any clinical skills the student is held responsible to seek assistance from preceptor/instructor. The student is required to update the skills check list (originating from N 150), using it as a guideline for self-assessment. The skills check list is to be submitted the clinical instructor at the end of the clinical rotation.


Anecdotal notes are required for this course. Weekly submission of the anecdotal form is required. The completed form is to be submitted to the clinical instructor at the time of the clinical evaluation. The form is based on the National League for Nursing expected competencies at graduation for AND graduates.

Upon completion, the anecdotal notes accurately reflect the student’s perspective of the clinical experience. They must be completed at the end of the rotation, in addition to the clinical evaluation tool in order to successfully complete Nursing 255. Use each category to note how you evidenced safe, professional care that was based on scientific principles. Please respect HIPPA guidelines by utilizing initials only for patient identifier. Do not include patients’ names or room number. Include clinical behaviors you routinely implemented to verify compliance. This form is to be utilized for the entire clinical rotation. Students are to make weekly entries on the anecdotal notes.

The completed form is to be submitted to your clinical instructor at the end of the course.


1.     This module is comprised of 136 lab hours.  You must sign up for eleven 12-hour shifts or seventeen 8-hour shifts.  If you have 8-hour shifts you may drop one day based on the evaluation of your performance and with the approval of your El Camino College Instructor.  If you miss any of the required time you will be expected to make it up.  Therefore, you should arrange your schedule with your preceptor to get your required hours in as soon as possible.


2.     After rotation schedules have been determined and you have a rotation, changes will not be made unless there is a facility or preceptor problem.  The student is not to make any change.


3.     After you receive your assignment designating the facility, unit, shift, and preceptor to which you are assigned you must contact the preceptor.  Introduce yourself and give your preceptor your phone number.  At this time your preceptor may give you some special instructions or details.  Make immediate arrangements as to how you may contact your preceptor such as obtaining the preceptor’s home phone number.  If there is a problem before or after contacting your preceptor, notify your ECC instructor immediately. 


4.     You may call the unit to which you are assigned to obtain your preceptor’s schedule.  If there is more than one of you that will be assigned to the same unit (regardless of shift), make a group call and obtain all the schedules at the same time.  This will avoid excessive disruption to the staff.


5.     Notify the ECC instructor of your schedule as soon as you know it. You may not be able to obtain the schedule for the entire rotation at one time.  You may have to wait until hospital schedules are determined. Notify your ECC instructor as soon as you obtain additional information.  If you do not do this, you will not receive credit for your attendance.


6.     It is essential that both your preceptor and your ECC instructor have a current phone number where you can be reached—no exceptions.


7.     In the event that you are unable to attend on a scheduled day, for whatever reason, you must notify your preceptor or hospital unit and your ECC instructor as soon as possible.


8.     The ECC instructor will make rounds and see every student at least once a week.  However, if there are any problems, needs, or confusions, don’t hesitate to communicate as soon as possible.


9.     The ECC instructor must be notified if any incidents occur to either patients or yourself.  Failure to notify the instructor will be considered an unsatisfactory.  An incident in which you sustain some injury may require that the hospital treat you.  If this happens you must complete the form “Report of Accident or Illness.”  Without this form the student is financially responsible for any medical bills which may be forthcoming.  This form is available through the ECC nursing department and must be completed within 24 hours.


10. If your schedule changes you must communicate this to the ECC instructor as soon as possible.


11.  Uniform guidelines are to be followed without exception


12. There are two copies of the evaluation form in your module.  One form is to be completed by you and the other by your preceptor.  Both completed forms must be given to your instructor by/on your last shift.  Your instructor will go over your evaluation forms with you.


13. On your first shift – give an updated copy of your skills inventory list and the ACI copy of your evaluation form to your preceptor.    




1.       Demonstrate effective verbal and written communication skill utilized by registered nurses.


2.       Assess trends in health care delivery system and identify implications for nursing practice.


3.       Formulate and deliver nursing care utilizing the basic need theory.


4.       Demonstrate leadership by appropriate delegation of nursing care to licensed vocational nurses and unlicensed assistive personnel.


5.       Demonstrate the clinical skills necessary to deliver competent nursing care to a group of clients with multiple need imbalances in a variety of health care settings



EXAMINATION: RN Assessment Standard C at the passing score of 66-----may need to take second test. This test can be scheduled many times when you request. 


Course Objectives:

1.     Plan, implement, and evaluate nursing care for a group of patients (depending on the workload of the unit) by:


a.      Using background knowledge and skills mastered in previous module

b.     Identifying knowledge and skills which need to be learned and/or strengthened

c.     Functioning collaboratively with the hospital staff

d.     Demonstrating the role behaviors that are consistent with the first level AND graduate position for the specific agency and shift.


2.     Identifying nursing tasks associated with the shift to which you are assigned and the reasons for the tasks.


3.     Identify the advantages and disadvantages of working various shifts. 




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Clinical laboratory: Individual pracice

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Course Material: N 255 Clinical Evaluation Form

Required Readings:

  1. Phipps W.J., et al, Medical Surgical Nursing Health and Illness Perspectives, 8th ed., ST. Louis: Mosby, 2006. 
  2. Dudek Susan, "Nutrition Handbook for Nursing Practice", 4th ed Philadelphia: Lippincott, 2004. 

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