Student and Budget Travel Resources

Most people want to travel but many feel they either have not enough time or not enough money. Students and teachers tend to have lots of time but not so much money (a wise choice). Here are some resources to help make that dream trip come true.

Guidebooks (availabe in bookstores and most public libraries)

Let's Go Guides - this series of guidebooks is written by Harvard students on summer vacation. They're famously irreverent. Lot's of fun. Lot's of good advice on destinations, hostels, museums, restaurants, and oddities. Be sure to check out the "Suggested Itineraries" on the website. Great advice for where to go if you've only go so much time.

The Lonely Planet Guidebook Series - this British company produces excellent guides to just about everywhere. The Shoestring series is for real cheapskates.

The People's Guide to Mexico - often referred to as the best travel guidebook ever written and it focusses on a country that's just down the road! "Wherever you go, there you are."

Airline Tickets - searches multiple airline sites.

STA Travel - student travel agency. Gives good advice and offers discounted airline tickets. They sell the Eurail Pass.

Safety and Health 

U.S. State Department Consular Information Sheets - want to know if it's safe to travel in Mali right now? Here's what the U.S. embassy has to say about it. Information for nearly every country in the world. Also a good source of information about health hazards in each country.

Center for Disease Control - want to know exactly what vaccinations you'll need to eat what the locals eat in sub-Saharan Africa? Here are the details for every region of the earth.







 Last Published 7/14/16