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Words, Music, and Performance
by Michael Reed
Backpacking Europe - Summer 2001

Australia/New Zealand - Winter 2002

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Hawaii - Winter 2003

Baja - Winter 2004

Baja Sur, July 2005 BajaSur.jpg (3493 bytes)
Costa Rica Surf Trip - June 2004

Fiji and Sydney, Australia - August 2004

Favorite Travel Photos,
July 2004

Favorite Photographs of People, July 2004

Fiji and Sydney, Australia, August 2004

Joshua Tree, Autumnal Equinox 2004 boy.jpg (5076 bytes)
Costa Rica Surf Trip,
June 2004

          Copyright 2006 Michael Reed all text, music, and photographs

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The Five Minute University - Father Guido Sarducci starts a more efficient university system.

Ecological Footprint Calculator - want to know what a terrible burden you are to the planet?

World's Smallest Political Quiz - are you a liberal, a libertarian, or an arch-conservative? This quick quiz will help you decide.

Environics 3SC Values Survey - a more sophisticated values survey. Fun and revealing.

The World - great radio news program with good international coverage. Airs daily from 12-1 PM on KPCC 89.3 FM in Los Angeles. Shows are archived on the website. Listen anytime.

Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) - non-profit groups seeking to protect resources and environment. Great web page with thematic links to various issues.

WetSand.com - surf's up somewhere right now, Dude.



Master's Thesis


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