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Anatomy & Physiology 34B
Margaret Steinberg


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Mona LisaClass Information:

Welcome to the Anatomy and Physiology II lecture and lab!  This is the second semester of the two-semester Anatomy and Physiology lecture and lab course. It is an in-depth course examining major organ systems, their morphology and functions, as well as some of their common pathologies.  Topics examined include: special senses, autonomic nervous system, endocrine system, cardiovascular system, lymphatic system and immunity, respiratory system, digestive system and nutrition, cellular respiration, urinary system, fluid, electrolyte, and acid-base balance, reproductive system, genetic conditions and disorders, embryology and development.  Laboratory investigations include models of the human body and dissection of higher vertebrates, in addition to physiological experiments. The course is designed for science, health-related, pre-nursing (Bachelor of Science in Nursing), and pre-professional majors.  The prerequisite for this class is Anatomy and Physiology 34A.

Section #1030 
Meets:  Mon. and Wed.
Rooms:  NATS-123
Time:  Lecture - 12:30-1:55 p.m.
Lab - 2:05-4:35 p.m.

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